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Montag, 16. Juli 2018

Trail Running to the High Alpine Reservoires Kaprun

After I saw the High Alpine Reservoires of Kaprun, at the beginning of June 2018, the idea of running from Kaprun up to there didn't left me anymore.
So, yesterday was "the big day", although the plan was to climb the Imbachhorn. 
I started late, at 11:30 from the Kesselfall Inn.
How to reach the starting point:
By car: Kaprun bypass road, passing Maiskogelbahn and Gletscherbahn cable cars to the free car park at mountain inn Kesselfall. Kesselfallstrasse 98, 5710 Kaprun.
Public Postbus: bus number 660 takes you from Zell am See to the final stop Kesselfall in Kaprun.
Due to the indications, the trail takes about 3,5 hours as a hike trail. So I was pretty sure in less than 3 hours I will be there, without having any idea what to expect on the way.

The walk through the tunnel was weird. It was a piece of my emotional fears and my life events for the last 3-4 years .... through the tunnel without any light to walk has a sort of excitement which I do not enjoy at the moment it happens, because I feel a loss of my senses and I never know what it comes or .... if I come out to the light again .....
 As I am writing this now, 24 hours later, I see the yesterday adventure as a full metaphor of what I am going through right now and the feeling I will see the light soon again, that bright colourful light of life is even stronger than before.
Picture above: the scenery I got when I went out from the dark humid tunnel ......
And the picture below: the only possible way to go on .... steep, sliper, wet, dangerous ..... but ..... "if you do it, if you have the courage even to step into it and to try that descent, you will enter the normal path and you will can keep going your way ...."
We are never prepared for real life, especially when we decide to taste the real life! So I wasn't prepared for this challenge and I looked down with an empty and very tensed stomach!!  For some seconds I felt I cannot do it, it is impossible to be the only way to get out from the spot, it cannot be! I was so tensed, that I forgot to pray for help!
I looked behind me. Going back into the dark, black, humid tunnel seemed not to be an option for me. Not because of the "giving up"-feeling, so far I educated my ego. But because of not accepting to stop the journey because such a sort segment, even at the beginning that short segment seemed to be impossible to be crossed over. 
I analysed all options. It was none. It was only one. Wet. Sliper. Steep.
I felt I need all my courage now. 
Fear is just a thought. 
Fear is just a thought. 
Fear is just a thought.  
The intuition said to me, I can do it!! 
I listened to my intuition.
And I started the descend through the falling water trying to ignore all that noise around ..... the power of falling waters all over the place. 
In few minutes I was done. I felt safe again and I looked back. The black hole .... the entrance into the mountain which leads you after few steps to the tunnel. Incredible work indeed. The buses are driving behind that wall..... incredible work indeed!
Now, looking in front of me to the path that leads me further along the lake.
 Leaving the steep uphill path and looking behind:
Another entrance into the tunnel and the path leading to the left
Then about 200-300 meters on an old asphalted road, not in the use anymore, feeling safe again.
An then entering the narrow steep path again along the lake and coming into this:
As I took the first 2-3 pictures I didn't realise that I am in front of a new big challenge!
But then, looking for the connection point to the path that seemed to continue on a different part of the mountain I had to realise that ..... I am on the edge of a small rift. Not too deep, but deep enough if you suddenly crash and break your bones! And anybody hear you, find you, save you in due time!
The tricky issue was to realise you are actually not on the stabile ground anymore, but on a thin snow plateau that functions like a sort of bridge between the both edges of the long rift .....
 And here is the explanation how it looks ....
 At the point I stood taking this picture I already felt how risky can be to cross over.
I went up and down to find a more suitable place, maybe even to descend into the rift, to cross the falling water and to ascent again on the other side, but I couldn't discover any potential possibility for me.
And again, the only certain thing was the thought of "no way to go back and to climb that spot and to get into the tunnel again, it cannot be!"
Life spoke to me again ..... somehow. I know, it sounds crazy, but this is the fact, this is the translation of this day, in my case!
I put the right foot on the snow like I was walking on eggs .... Everything happened in less than 3 seconds actually ..... I was extreme tensed and I suppose I also was afraid of what it can happen, but I simply TRUSTED my decision or the Universe or my protective angels .... 
Then I put the right food and the left immediately after it and the right foot reached the solid ground and the moment before I landed on the solid ground on my right body side I heard the terrible noise of snow plateau crashing under me .... BUT I WAS SAFE ON THE OTHER SIDE of the rift/life!!!! 
And while I am writing these now I clearly feel the empty tensed stomach again and I realize the danger and the risk I took yesterday on this journey.
I stand up in 3 seconds, I took the picture behind me to see later what I was doing and I run .... I run on the narrow steep path following the curve and wanting to leave that place behind of me ..... I felt scared indeed for several moments. That noise, that crash, that feeling on the left foot when the ground just disappear under you ......

After 13 km, about 1.000 m higher and 2 hours 40 minutes I was there, at the end of the trail. 
"Bauernsalat", tomato soup and a bier - excellent tasty, 20 euros - it took me over one hour to eat and enjoy the time there without thinking to much behind ..... I maybe start to learn how to train "moderation" in my life ... emotional moderation, so that I last longer on the path ....

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