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Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015

Issues of serious cyclists in Vienna

I post these examples for my friends in Romania, pur informativ :-) Voi completa de fiecare dată când apar noutăți, căci viața ciclistă în RO abia e la (re)începuturi:
Guys, I have bad news for all of you. Lately I was repeatedly confronted with stories where certain VICC members behaved really badly on the road. Now, I thought it was clear to everybody not to act like a dick whilst riding, but unfortunately I was wrong.
So, here are today's experiences:

Last weekend a friend of mine and his girlfriend were almost run over on the donauinsel by a guy wearing a VICC Jersey, who was going way too fast on a TT bike. This incident occured near the s-bend close to the Steinspornbrücke.
- First up: It's okay to ride on the donauinsel, no matter what bike. I myself ride regularly there. BUT: the donauinsel is not a fucking race course, if you think you need to get a KOM or anything else there, do it at 4 in the morning, when no innocent bystanders are around to become collateral damage. If idiots like said person continue to fuck around it is only a matter of time until someone really gets hurt and just imagine what this might do to the public opinion on cyclists. ultimately, there might be stricter regulations, and I for once am not a fan of that.
On one of the last group rides one person caused a crash, that left at least two people seriously injured.
- WTF? I have talked to other people who were on that ride and the idiot who is responsible for the crash is not afiliated whatsoever with VICC. Still, it happened on one of our rides, so if the word gets around (and it does, believe me), ultimately, we are the ones who will get the blame. So, I suggest, whenever there is a groupride that involves VICC:
* there must be one person in charge of the ride (if you don't want to be in charge, don't host a ride)
* the person in charge needs to lay out the rules at the beginning of the ride
* these rules are mandatory. If you ride like an ass, you're out. No second chance.
* there is a start time and a start point, these are not negotiable. If you can't make it in time or don't want to come to the start point, you don't do the group ride. If you meet someone you know en route and want to join your ride that is up to you - i.e. the person in charge a.k.a. group leader.
* group rides have a maximum number of riders (I personaly favour anything from 3 up to 10 people) if, however there are more riders, just split groups. It's more manageable and as a result safer for everyone.
* if you are new to cycling, don't act like a pro. STFU and do as you're told. If you've earned your stripes and you qualify as a fellow member we'll let you know.

To be honest, I was frustrated and also ashamed when I heard about those occurences today.
So frustrated, that I think it is not a good idea to make the jerseys available so easily for everybody. The guys I know personally are all cool, and I am a hundred percent sure they were not the reason for this post. All it takes is one idiot who will ruin it for the rest of us and I am worried this might happen sooner or later.

All I am saying is: remember, if you wear a team jersey, you represent the team. so act accordingly. plus use your brain. both on and off the bike. that's it.
I don't mean to offend anybody other than the persons who caused this post in the first place, and I would like to encourage the rest of you to correct other riders who misbehave.

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