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Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Living in an old castle ..... to do it or not to do it?!

As I've read the add in the newspaper I said to me: 
"Living in a castle?! It must be a joke ..... "
I asked and I've got the reply, so after two days I went there - 15 km away from the place I am living now - to see it with my own eyes.
Castles are still a very legendary issue in our crazy, almost non-human society. Speaking about me and for me I can say that I always dreamed about such an ..... let's call it "opportunity". Of course, in a different version, but I probably did not detailed my wish enough.
Speaking about buildings, there are three sort of "buildings" which always fascinated me since I remember to be on this Earth:
1. Ruins
2. Castles
3. Cathedrals
I saw and visited a lot of castles in Germany, Tchech Republic, Italy, Austria. There is a special fascination about them or I have read to many fairy tales as I was a small girl :-)
The fact is, my dream about living in a castle - not to say "having my own castle" - is still alive somehow.
The description was full of flair and majesty somehow and the pictures were not so bad, so I decided to go there.
Sunny summer day. On the way I remembered about this castle, it was the first thing which caught my attention when I first came in this region, in July 2015!
I would never have dared to go there and to ask: "Do you have available rooms to rent for me, please?" :-)
Now I am here, in front of the building and the first feeling is:
"I do not think this is a place for me .... I do not feel any positive energy here, the main road is only 100-150 meters away ..... but I go to see what it is talk about it afterall, why not?"
to be followed ....
Short update 3rd of July 2016
Other things happened in the meanwhile and the time for writting ..... dissapears somehow.
But because I like following up stuff and analysing details, here I am with a short, very short update.
The appartment in the castle could have been mine.
But after two days I refused the offer. Nothing there seemed to be what I was dreaming about. Energy, price, location, architecture, placement, environment, context.

We all have our dreams. 
Sometimes dreams becomes true.
Sometimes you are in front of the gate ready to enter your dream, you are there, big emotions, sleepless nights ..... and then you take a step back. Just because you have a feeling. Something like: "It does not feel like my dream really ...."

And you go back working on your dream again or changing the dream. Because we often live in an imaginary world. Maybe we had read too much in our childhood about princess life, about a happy life without any worries, about being rich and famous and we had forgotten about the reality around us. Sometimes we act like those spoiled children used to do anything in their life - not to help in household, not to care about other in the family or in the neighborhood, not to appreciate the efforts of their parents and being used to be served all the time (parents' mistakes) etc. - who get a huge shock when mama or papa are getting sick or away from home and they are hungry and the only thing they are able to do is maybe to boil water in the electronical water boiler (!)
These children are waking up in the Monday morning and have no idea where their socks are or what to take into the school bag. Because the entire week-end they had different priorities: to do anything at all. Sitting in their rooms and surfing in internet or playing games. Coming to lunch after the mother called them at least five time through the entire house "Lunch is readyyyyy!!!!"
I didn't want to write about spoiled children who have no sense of values, but the phenomen is similar.
You sometimes have dreams which can become true, but not in the manner you wanted. Because you defined only the dream as a fairy-tale picture ignoring the details :-)
So, for the moment I rejected to start a "life in a castle". 

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