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Samstag, 21. März 2015

"Ladies only" - 1st spring cyling group - getting warm

I found on Facebook - or I was found, not remember actually - a meeting for today named "Le Rouleur Lent - Women's Training Raids".
Close to me, in Vienna I mean. About 15 km away from my home actually :-) A good occasion to celebrate my first 1.100 km on bike for this year.
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It was my first attempt to go for a group since I am here, but they said it will be just a slowly 30 Km ride, so anyone can be part of it. 
Rules - as we cannot exist as group without rules - were defined and communicated, as well as advices:
1. inflate your wheels :-)
2. oil the chain :-)
3. pack a spare tube and pump;
4. bars, enough fluid, maybe a banana, a mobile phone, some small money and a list of your closest contacts in case of accident/emergencies;
Some "bike clinics" will be integrated in the future, for all minor technical things to fix yourself.
5. The helmet is mandatory;
6. Participation is on your own risk;
7. Only racing wheels are allowed and road bike shoes with cleats, pedals with click system.
8. women only.
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Yesterday I continued my crazy life ... 
Tuesday I drove to work (also, by car) and in the evening I run the 12,5 km back home. 
On Wednesday I rode (also, by bike) to work and back in the evening. 
On Thursday I rode to work again, I returned by bike, I let the bike home, changed the shoes and pants, I took the skates and run again to work, I let the skates in the office and I returned by car home. So 25 km bike, 12,5 km by inline skating.
by Anka
Yesterday, on Friday, I run to work in the morning and after work I took my skates to go home again. I am a very .... how should I say? I am afraid of speed on skates because I learnt too late to go on it and the biggest problems are when I have to go down hill. From this reason 20 years ago I broke the thumb of the right hand and I had a complicated surgery in order not to loose my thumb. 
So, yesterday on a down hill .... I fell ... pretty bad-bad-bad .... but I still continued my 12 km skating back home on the Danube Island. It was painful, this is all I can say.
by Constanze
So .... today back on feet, leaving home 8:45 and riding the 15 km to the meeting point close to the Prater.
10 ladies - we started at ten o'clock for a slowly compact group ride. 
It is pretty different to ride in a cycling group and as I always rode alone I have to say that there are some things to be learnt. The biggest issue for me is the fear. I am afraid to ride too close to the others and this is something I have to exercise.
by Anka
As I learned pretty late in my life to use a bike, this thing remains like a deep footprint on your relationship to your bike ... somehow I did not succeed in the last 4 years - End of July 2011 I bought my first road bike, after finishing my first half ironman distance triathlon with the trekking bike - to 100% control the bike (!) like I see to the others, younger fellows.
Another issue are the cleats .... we are friends since few months, but still not sooooo close friends yet :-(
The rules are respected and the group was pretty organized and disciplined.
by Constanze
I wait for the pictures and then I can write a little bit more.
Very sunny today, a lot of other larger men and mixed groups on the way. We rode back and reached the starting point again after 50 km.
Speed average 23-24 km/h.
Our group "ladies only" did not remained unnoticed and it was really funny to see the reactions of others (men, of course!!).
by Anka
At the end some delicious home made cake and good coffee was available, thank you guys!
by Anka
MEETING POINT for these tours
is Praterstrasse 13. Saturdays - 9.30 a.m.
There is a bike shop ... actually not really a bike shop, but a sort of cycling saloon ... Le Rouleur Lent by its name. American concept, so far I understood.
by Anka
Some technical issues can be solved here and few of trendy specific clothes can be found.
by Anka
It has a different flair as I was used to see in this business. Next time I will know more, for sure.
by Anka
An interesting bike support could be seen, voila:
by Anka
by Anka
by Anka

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