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Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

My own Duathlon on the lava dessert of Lanzarote with a road bike_Ep.1

me, my tired bike under the sun of a place called "nobody's land" - by Anka Berger
I am not sure if I should say: "What a pity, Tinajo-area is not more intensively visited by people!" or if I should be happy about it!! (I am happy, of course, but if I would move out here I would need tourists to pay accommodation in my house, right?)
I left Tinajo late, at 11, cycling to Mancha Blanca and Timanfaya National Park 
- by Anka Berger
Publishing my fascination about this place means to bring it on the virgin market. From my point of view, the area deserves at least 3-4 days. It is a great place for cyclists and runners, for instant. You can run directly on a high lava mountain, because Tinajo is situated on the feet of it and nobody stops you to run on the ridge of it! It is fascinating, really! You can run the 5-6 km to the Atlantic Coast, to La Santa. Or cycle, what ever! Or doing adventurous, like me yesterday! 
La Santa is an isolated point at the nordwest edge of the island. I find it fascinating and the pictures will show you what I mean. 
entering La Santa from the Atlantic Coast directly (from the south) - by Anka Berger
There is a huge sporty complex there, Club La Santa, partner of Ironman Corporation and for sure a real training plant for many sports, but the prices are also huge and the atmosphere is, besides professional sporty, much to commercial (for my taste). What I also can understand. After all, they are situated in the middle of a sort of "No Man's Land", in a heavenly natural spot directly to the amazing waves of the Atlantic and to arrive here you need a car. Coming by local bus or by taxi is also an option, of course. So, without these huge prices they probably not survive in the dessert, although I am sure the annual profit is also quite high. If the attitude would be a little different ....
I was there, in La Santa, 2 days ago, to the only one supplier of renting bikes, belonging to the Club La Santa. For a road bike they wanted 22 euros per day for a period of 3 full days! No negociation, no other offers or ideas. A much more friendly and open and flexible attitude I had the pleasure to test in Puerto del Carmen, in a professional cycling store.
I analyzed their approach and my feeling was: "Madame, you came to a luxus supplier, we are the only one and the best in the area (sic!). So, take it or leave it!" No flexibility, no "If you take another kind of bicycle, the price would be lower. If you do not need the bike for a real training long sessions, we would recommend to you ....." - nothing from all of these old fashionable manners in order to understand the client, to serve him and to keep him after all. So I left and they lost not only the 66 euros or at least 50 euros for another bike, but also lost at least a client. Of course, it does not matter for their size, I know this. I felt in the same way (not nice), but cold treated like as subscribing for Ironman Lanzarote last September I wanted to book a room in their complex, then I wanted to understand why Ironman would choose the main location for the competitors 25 km away from the start and finish (!!) Logistical it was very important for me to understand how the things are working out if you have no car, if you travel alone ... after finish I am for sure not able to drive by myself, in the dark, 25 km! Now I was here, meeting some representatives face to face and I could feel that weird cold. Not for me, thanks!
But enough about them, back to my holiday story from today:
After 2 hours I had my desired bike delivered from Puerto del Carmen for 16 euros per day. 
Helmet, chain, computer and tools included. And a very friendly Italian lady who drove the 20 km from Puerto del Carmen to bring it to Tinajo directly to La Finca Marisa, where I am happy to have my accommodation!
Tinajo - P.N. Timanfaya - 100 cars in front of me - one hour waiting (stupid me, I could go ahead!) - bus tour - back on road by bike - Visitors Center entree free - cycling again - walking and carrying the bike through lava waves - Caldera Mt. Blanca - further on to Montana Caldereta - further on and back for the next 1,5 hours - back on road to Tinajo, about eight hours on the way today. 
I had to walk/run carrying my bike on the shoulders for a few km in the middle of a endless lava dessert and I met few people. I think at least one of them was somehow ... surprised (or even shocked) to see me there carrying a bike!!
I have to stop, internet is not properly working :-(
Read here the 2nd part of the description: TIMANFAYA NATIONAL PARK

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