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Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

Therapeutic cycling

Although I woke up in the morning at eight, I realized that it is already 3 p.m. and I am still sitting home doing a lot and nothing in the same time ....
The Slow Motion Time is my new life since about three weeks .... if I enjoy it? I am not sure about this .... yes but NO in the same time. Ambiguous times.
When did it start? This is a good question .... looking back I can say it exactly: last autumn. It took six month to recognize the reasons.
Now, The Slow Motion Time requests its rights from me and I have no choice for the moment but just waiting, hopping, trying and not giving up (!)
This is me today :-)
Why is it interesting this picture?
Because I have good protection gear which I also use and I never let me getting soooo dirty!
Tired to find solutions and to decide in some issues I remembered I have to pick up a small package from the post office. 
It is still raining and is rained all day long without any break.
From my home to the post office it takes about 20 minutes by foot. But I took my road bike. Not a good idea because now it is sooo dirty and I need it on Friday for the company's mini-triathlon relay. The guys were looking for someone very fast who should finish the 11 km of cycling in no longer than 20 minutes. On a straight route in one piece it would be no problem, but you have 3 turn points and an uphill twice and for sure some wind as you are cycling along the Danube directly. They posted the request on our internal race web site and I saw it only end of March. I replied to their add and I said I cannot promise 20 minutes, so I cannot promise a winning place (there are about 35 teams as I saw yesterday). 
Life is so ..... sometimes ... as I was in Bucharest I always wanted to be here and to start for this company triathlon, just for fun, but as individual. Now I am here and am not able anymore to do the entire triathlon: 300 m swim, 11 cycling and 3 km run. Piece of cake, less than a normal short training for me .... but not this year (!)
So, I took my bike and I slowly rode to the post office.
Leaving the post office after 20 minutes I followed a hidden street and then another and another. The rain was cold and rich.
I reached Korneuburg, I stopped in the rain for a while ... and now? What direction? It was raining, almost dark and I had no lights ... I was on a segment with traffic now .... so, rode back for 500 m and then I took a road to the Danube.
I suddenly wanted to see again how long do I need for 11 km ... about 22 minutes ... 
I stopped the watch twice and forgot to start it again, so the distance was a bit longer than 31,02 km, but it does not matter, 2 or 3 km more or less.
I reached the north end of the island again and I stopped once more to decide if I return right home or if I ride longer.
I felt tired. Very hungry, terrible hungry as I did not eat all day long so I didn't take the risk. I was tired, dirty, hungry and much more ... I choose to go home in order to avoid a collaps.
So, this is "therapeutic cycling" :-) and this made my day after all. A wonderful day :-) I also took few pictures, this is one of them:

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