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Freitag, 16. Oktober 2020

When the mountains hide. Perspectives through colors

Yesterday was cold. I was sure that today it will snow. But it was too warm. We got only soft rain the entire day. Not even up over the peaks seemed to fail snow. But much of the peaks were not to be seen today. 

Some people need their life long to realize they can look at their life from various perspectives. The lucky ones need half of their life. The luckyiest just know from the beginning.  Left or right?  

At this time of the year, the region here is absolutely peaceful. I feel blessed to be here every single day and I love all seasons, all kind of weather. I keep distance of the crowdy touristic summers and winters and I find enough places where I can be on myself. 

Cuddle season is here. Retrospectives. Meditations. Healing. We all need this. We should use this time. For us and for anybody else. Life in health is too short.
Today through the rain: 21 km. Something is not good. Heart or HR-belt is not working. I doubt that my heart goes up to 200 beats ..... my maximum was always hardly 145-155. Hm ....

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