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Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

First meeting with the Austrian Alps in ZELL AM SEE

After Litschau - 150 km away from Vienna, about 2 hours by car -, now I am in Salzburger Land, Zell am See - 420 km away from home in Vienna, about 4,5 hours by car, aprox. 50 l fuel (cca 80 euro/840 km).  
Going now to Zell am See was a spontaneous decision after I've read on FB about the recognition bike tour for IM 70.3. My plan was - and still is, but this time going there by train, I think, if the transportation costs will be lower, which I doubt - to go there for this reason next week-end. I already booked a place in a hostel, so I go next Friday again!
Then it will be crazy, as there is a local sport event, see here the details!
I googled the road options Vienna-Zell, I printed the map and all the indications and on Saturday in the morning at 8:30 I started. Quite excited about the meeting point of the day, another old, old, old dream of mine: MEETING THE AUSTRIAN ALPS!
The way was long and not too easy for somebody not familiar with the complexe Austrian roads system!
Bad luck to stay 1,3 hours in a traffic jam caused by some big works for a tunnel.
The drivers are very disciplined - most of them, anyway! -, as you can see here in the middle, between 2 traffic lanes, they let free space for emergency cases. I love this.
My heart began to beat faster at the first image of the high mountains ...
I reached my location after six hours and I was so aroused and probably tired, that I stopped the car in the small yard of the guest house without being able to park it in a decent way. Sometimes I would kill my emotions, really!
Mrs. Haffner and the small family's boy, Ferdinand, were expected me. She saw me and offered to park my car and I enjoyed this.
A nice suprise was to get a room with shower and WC, as I asked for the lowest price, this would mean the toilett and shower shoud be shared on the floor. So, for the lowest price - 40 euro - I've got an upgraded room for one night (balcon, TV, hair dryer, tiny fridge and buffet breakfast!).
After half an hour I was on my bike, stuffing my nose all over on my way to the lake shore .... I had two objectives: to see The Grand Hotel and to find the start point for tomorrow, which will be actually also the start point for IM 70.3 on 31st of August.
I was in Zell am See once, after my mother died. I spent here one week, the Chrismas Week in December 2005. Skiing all day long, my second skiing holiday in my life.
Although I had plenty of money in 2005, I choose a 3 stars small hotel, where I had not a nice experience, so I left Zell am See 2 days earlier, tooking the train directly to St. Moritz in Switzerland and spending the New Year's Eve and New Year 2006 there.
But ....
In 2005 I didn't dare to go closer to this hotel .... it was a kind of EXTREME LUXUS for my mind. I kept it in mind the rumors and the entire stories about this place made for rich people .... Now, about nine years later, I am here ... in front of a fairytale hotel built 1894-1896 ....
and someday I will be guest here :-)
I spent some time around, looking to the people, to the lake, to the mountains, to the finish line of a local triathlon started 10 o'clock, enjoying every single seconds. How would be feel to live here, my Gosh??!!??!
Here, for the public, dancing waters .... on Strauss music, of course!
 A lot of people, mostly tourist from all over the world, but, in the same time, such a quiet and clean surrounding .... amazing, it is like in an old classical Austrian movie.

The start point for tomorrow is in Schüttdorf, part of Zell am See, close to the shore. Football place, on Sportplatzstr. 7, to the football stadion. A generous place, well preserved and an astonishing mountain panorama. I had some troubles finding the point, but it was a good oportunity to see things otherwise I wouldn't have seen, as this living space, for instant:
 Large green space with different games infrastructure for children and adults too.
As I found the football place it was very sunny and it started to rain. Rain in the sun .... the rain droplets are like petting the body skin. Time to take a picture and feel like Maria in Sound of Music...
An old lady crossed the meadow, smiling. I smiled her back. I felt home.
Going further along the shore through the green high grass ....

 I use to tell to the people who envy me:  "Don't do it, please. If you would be here, you wouldn't reach this specific place, because you do not ride, you do not run, you are not such as curious as I am. You would be probably downtown enjoying a cake and a coffee or shopping. You cannot have what I have, because you want different things from life."
 Around the lake there are two big camp sites. This one is not so close to the shore. The other one, on the opposite side of the lake, is on the lake shore.
I left the quiet and peaceful natural reservation intending to ride around the entire lake, the 5 km. I reached the road,
And after about one km perhaps I took the road uphill to the right. I just was curious and I also wanted to see the lake from above.
 So, in a very unexpected way, I found myself going by foot along my bike, taking pictures, singing and trying not to colaps because of so much happiness ...
 It was, again, like in my dreams.

The world at my feet ..

Words are actually stupid, pictures should show more about feelings. But people are not used to feel the feelings behind of a picture, this is why we have to speak out about meanings and messages.
It is Monday evening when writing about emotions I had two days ago. In the meanwhile plenty of things happened and the time is running out from me. I feel unable to tell the story up to the end of the day ....
The crazy love for details of the Austrians .... here in the yard of a horse breeder .... just look at this !
 Short final:
Went back home, let the bike and going out to eat something, I was starving, it was 19:30.
500 m higher:

In 20 Minutes I have got all these for 22 euros:
Exceptional tasty, large portions, friendly service. The half of the portion Wiener Schnitzel + Pommes Frites I took it with me and had the lunch next day :-)
Good night, tomorrow the story about the ride on the IM 70.3 route, 90 km, uphill 10 km, 900 m alt.difference.
Good bye for another colorful emotional day! Thank you!
Here, bike route next day

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