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Freitag, 10. April 2020

Don't give up .... Everest for Easter thoughts ....

I was chatting these days with a friend back in Nepal, Kedar.  We met in Kathmandu in December 2010 after starting to chat on Facebook in 2009 after my first journey to Nepal. He developed from student to owner of his travel agency, then co-owner of a hotel, then he got married and at this moment we is walking around his house .... http://www.actual-adventure.com/

Life blocked me since 2011 to go back there. I returned to Nepal in December 2010 because I wanted to see how I could move out there and I could not figure it out, I gave up the idea for the next months. Then, 2014 brought me to Austria. It seemed that Europe has to be my karma after all ....
How the world will be, none of us knows now .... At this moment I just review my Himalaya journeys ..... trekk diary on this blog can be read.
Merry Easter 2020!

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