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Samstag, 4. April 2020

Today's training .....

As the number of cases and of death is every hour higher and higher, the psychological stress will tend to be higher too. When I go out for a walk or jog or ride or whatever, I now try not to sweat and to avoid a cold. The weather is changeable now, extreme temperatures changes .... new snow 2 days ago and today summer day .... 
The idea is, from my point of view as coach & athlete: 
if I get a cold, I had to call the doctor. He will send me to be tested, there are medical tents outside the hospital and at the base of the skiing slopes. Well, I am not curious to be in that situation, to be very honest. So, my suggestion is for the time being to keep it moderate in all we do. 
There is worldwide collective energy arising - maybe some of you know what I mean ... Stay healthy, really! Mental training combines intense visualisation with emotions, you really can feel the movement of the muscles and can teach the body and you can sweat, but in safer conditions, inside. Some of you maybe know about how amazing effective can be the right mental training on daily basis (science proved this already) on long term - it develops intuition, reactions and body transformations, it cancels fears and undesired habits. If you have time, choose to read about these processes and to watch documentaries about heart-brain coherence. Stay healthy, guys!
Read about the immune system: strength-your-immune-system

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