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Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2020

Mental Ball Training

Mental Training is actually not a new science. It is something that human society ignores in its significance. We are told and we here all day here and there that "everything is just a matter of mind", but actually we ignore this biggest truth of our essence. Our life's quality is inside of us and we aren't able to take advantage of this fascinating power. 

But many people know about their inner power and they use it. Some are doing it from instinct, some are doing it due to their intuition and some are taught by the waves of life the hard way. 

All my life long I used this ability without knowing. And if you don't know it, if you aren't conscious about the fact that you really can use the power inside yourself, life can go wrong. Because we never get into a routine to live our life as life means changes, movements, challenges, errors, joy and pain, tears, and laughs.
The art of mental training is different because it is a conscious process and this is a huge difference. If we would start to live in this way our life would be very different and if our life would be different the general collective energy of Earth would be much better for all of us. So you can say that after all, it is just an issue of education. Very regrettably. 
There are many methods to be mentally trained. It sounds stupid ..... because we are actually "mentally trained" before we land on this world. Just now in this entire Corona story, we transit a new era of "to be mentally trained". What I mean is of course to train, not to be trained. We are born in a world where everything is pre-established for us. We are told how many years we have to go in Kindergarten, how many years we have to go to school, we are told how many hours we have to sleep, we are told how many hours per day we must work, we are told when we are allowed to retire from work, we are told to wear the face mask, we are told to go to be tested, we are told we will be vaccinated and so on, no end until the last breath of each of us!
To live your own life, you have no choice but to learn, to understand, to exercise, and to include mental training in your daily life. After weeks, months, and years you will know that it was worth starting the process.
I started the process some years ago because life forced me to become conscious. So I understood that it is absolutely vital to train my unconscious first and I know it can sound crazy, but to make your consciousness your friend, you need to train first your unconsciousness. 
Last week I had a revelation. I have a lot of revelations throughout the last years. A lot. One of them was drawing as meditation. I absolutely felt how my brain changes after months of intensive creative drawing. My life changed finally. I am still on the way to the path as part of the final road, but I know that my life changed through this kind of meditation. 
The latest revelation is .... a foot-ball. Oh yes ...
Playing football on your own is a fantastic method to train your body (muscles and functions), your spirit, your movements, and YOUR BRAIN!
Playing football not for socialization or as competition, but on your own. To be there, to feel, to experiment, to let your mind outside of yourself, to enter new dimensions ...
So, do you feel in the mood for a football game? Let me know how it worked out for you! 
Enjoy it!

P.S. Last time I remember to be playing ball was about 35 years ago. As a small girl, I was very good at playing football with the guys. I remember that the only friends in my summer holidays were the books from the local library where I and my mother spend the summer holidays and the ball. 
I found an old and chopped football about three months ago. I took it home. I knew I will use it.  An here I am now. I bought a sort of "ball bag" with an elastic band which can be attached to the body and you can train for hours with it. I assure you that it's a fascinating way to let your mind on a new journey .... I train YOU!
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