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Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2016

Eating meat .... why not?

Imagine a bear or a lion sees you and wants eat you. Do you want to die? For sure, not. But you are killed and eaten.

I stoped consuming meat back in the years around 1994-1995. At that times, because of financial reasons. Then I just started to feel myself actually better, my skin became healthier and got a nice easy smell, I felt easier generally speaking and so on.

I eat meant in very rarely occasions. If I try to make a sum, it can be 1 kg per year. Just listening to my body or being curious about something. But almost every time I touch meat again I have to observe that it is tasteless and gives me a feeling of discomfort. Interesting, right? Without any kind of external information, as I never used to read about this stuff before and I also never tried to convince anybody to give up eating meat.

After leaving big city life moving out in a small rural area and after I started to study different energetical domains this year I've got awared about some main aspects:
a) consuming meat means poisoning us.
   The meat we are buying in supermarkets comes from animals who never saw sun or gras, who never felt rain, wind, cold, natural light on the field. Animals who even do not reach the natural way of food which would keep them healthy. Animals who never move enough, get sick because not moving leads to sickness, then get antibiotics. Animals who are kept pregnant with hormones to give more milk. I have read about chicken farms where chicken have a breasts so heavy they cannot even carry it anymore, live in the shit of the other chickens and have no space to breathe.
All these animals are infected with a lot of hormons which goest straight into the human body, so what we have now, if you look around a little bit deeper and wider is a majority of stressed, fat and scared human beings.
b) another very logical source of poison: 
    Talks about how negative the health effects of consuming meat exists since many years. There are many health problems associated with the consumption of meat derived from stressed animals: heart diseases are on the top of the list, but the list is much longer, as for instant: general fatigue, impotence, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and digestive tract diseases.
 There are many different factors that can cause stress in animals and there is no doubt that animals experience extreme fear prior to being slaughtered!! Fear means stress for the entire organism. In this state of stress, the body release certain hormones and toxic substances.
   Learning sport anatomy have taught me that the energy required for muscle activity in a live body is obtained from Glycogen (sugar deposited in liver and muscles). In the healthy and well-rested animal, the Glycogen depots in the muscles are high. After the animal has been slaughtered, the glycogen in the muscle is converted into lactic acid and the muscles become firm. This lactic acid is necessary to produce a tasteful and tender meat having a good quality and good colour.
If the animal is stressed before and during slaughter, the Glycogen is used up and the lactic acid level that develops in the meat after slaughter is reduced. This will have serious adverse effects on meat quality and I remember about huge discussions in the rural parts of the country as some EU-Regulations come to become mandatory and the pigs had to be gently sacrificied by their owner .... controversial aggressive disscussions all over the country and farmers who probably never understood that animals are not tools, but exactly the same living souls as we are, experiencing fear, feelings, emotions, needs to movement and natural food, needs to be loved and so on. Animals really enjoy being "human treated", speaking to them, loving them ....
Animals experienced stress from the same reasons humans done: unnatural living environment, tired, fatique, chronic pains, hunger, thirst, being moved from a familiar home environment into unfamiliar surroundings ... 

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