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Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017

Amazing Low Austria: Ötschergräber, "The Grand Canyon"

Two years close to the Ötscher, the highest mountain of Low Austria .... probably one of the most interesting part of my life, full of contradictions, experiments and unplaned isolation.
The Ötscher, at 1,893 metres (6,211 ft), is a prominent peak in south-western Lower Austria. Its name has Slavic roots and translates approximately as a diminutive of "father". The Ötscher area belongs to the Ybbstal Alps, which are part of the Northern Limestone Alps. The boundary between the districts of Lilienfeld and Scheibbs lies directly on its peak.
It is said that:
One of the most beautiful hikes in Austria: The Ötschergräben,  the deep, wooded gorges which are often called Austria's Grand Canyon,  are wild, romantic and full of high-Alpine plants. 
And here in Wienerbruck started my adventure on 18th of June 2017 - a marvellous partially sunny summer day.
Wienerbruck - my starting point which I also recommend
The Ötscherbach River formed impressive gorges that you can hike through, partly over thrilling bridges and stiles. The little waterfalls and the three 90m waterfalls on this hike are lovely.
Tour route: from Wienerbruck to Lassing Waterfall and to the Stierwaschboden hydorelectric power station, then through Ötschergräben to the Ötscherhias snack bar. From there to the Mira Waterfall and the Scheier Waterfall. From the Mitterbach Train Station with the Mariazeller Railway back to Wienerbruck. Duration: approx. 4-5 hours.
Well, my route was slightly different, as I returned on the same trail because I was not sure about how long it is to complete the circle. It wasn't a planed hike and much later I understood I saw only the half of the trail, but for sure the most spectacular half!
Right from the beginning, the trail seems to be very promising and I knew it: It is my sort of trail, oh yeah!! And it was, for sure!
The colors are just amazing and the wildniss of the area, despite de human intervention ....
Mid of June is still off-season time of the year, so I was lucky enough not to get into masses of tourists.
Low Austria offers a lot to see and it is actually not crowded, as Salzburger Land with all its legends and glaciers is .... there are spectacular differences between the both regions of Austria, from all points of view, just to mention prices, parking places (mostly enough and free of charge in Low Austria vs. lack of and with high costs connected in Salzburger Land, amount of tourists).
The gorge is supposed to be over 9 km long and as I reached 10 km I decided to go back on the same trail. I was mentally not prepared to go further, I had no idea about the area, I had no map with me .... 
I actually wasn't prepared for the day at all, I just wanted to see "a little" how it is and to come back .... some day, for a "proper tour".
Since then lot of things happen, so I suppose I will never got back there.
Austria is a relative small country, but has endless much to offer and a life is not enough to go indeep about it, really.
Lassing Waterfall falls is about 90 meters high. At the moment I was there, it was too dry actually and the water volume was pretty small, but the waterfall still was a beautiful sight.
It is a place for waterfall climbing and canyionig, by the way ....
The trail along the gorge is an amazing good work, very stable and embeded in the environment.
A lot of stairs, natural tunnels, very narrow path, curves, up- and downhills, forest, open space and bridges.
You normally need good shoes, water, rain protection, sun protection and some trail experience. You also have to be not afraid of hights and steep valleys under your feet.
I felt like in Paradise. Such of trails are like air, life and undispensable joy for me.
I did a similar trail through deep sites of Malta, Tenerrife and Banat/Romania. Impressive areas indeed.


A friendly poetry about how you should take your waste with you and to protect the nature, to let the resting place clean and undisturbed. Paper, glasor what ever package you have, please take it with you back :-)

I would have liked to follow the steep uphill path to the Ötscher über Rauer Kamm, but it was too late for such an adventure alone on the big mountain and the Rauer Kamm is pretty technical and challenging (due to an unexpected experience I did on 10th of September 2016 as I even risked my life there!)

The Start Point at Wienerbruck
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