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Montag, 13. Mai 2013

EcoMarathon ROMANIA - why?! Give me a good reason! I give you more :-)

Yes, actually why? Why EcoMarathon Romania?
Because .... it is not all about winning, but feeling, that's why!

Are you a trail runner? An experienced one? A beginner one?
Doesn't matter too much. If you like running, especially trail running, you like the nature. 
If you like the nature, you like to respect it, keep it clean and conserve it, right?
You also like the spring, the summer, the high hills, the green grass, happy faces, adrenaline, a perfect organization, nice and plenty of food, good hydration, friendly volunteers, children, colors, sun and shadow, hot and chilly .....

 I can talk about some small things which should be a good reason to come to Moieciu de Sus (Romania) in May:
- the best and most ”handmade” trail running event I experienced in Romania for the last 15 months (since I have started to race on this segment).
- a good chance to try a short challenging distance of 14 km (they call it "bucla 1").
- the best and richest hydration points.
- one of the most beautiful landscapes (such an amazing potential in this country!!).
- the trail offers a piece for every taste, level and ability, but you should have some experience, of course. It is not an easy trail, but also not a too difficult one. It has everything actually. Anyway, I dare an advice: keep your legs and feet rested before the long race of 42 km!!
 - 2012 - about 800 runners.
- 2013 - about 1.100 runners.

- perfect organization!
 - 3 different races: for children, adult beginners and experienced runners.
- the trail is perfect marked and the cows are friendly :-) Would be nice not to scary them.

 - the local children are great and you feel them involved, think about carrying something nice for them :-)
 - after the finish, you will find tasty donuts ....
 and, of course, the traditional "pasta party" portion:
 - the volunteers are different ages, but very friendly, energetic and well informed (one of them said to a runner close to me: "eat banana, it contains magnesium, you need this!"):
- the trail is actually a trefoil, so you have to go uphill,

- to fight against the sun,
 - and to laugh in the shadow,
 - and then, like in our ordinary life, after you ascent, you have to descent ....
 some people are just flying .... IF you can, then FLY!!! 

- and go uphill again.
 - cross the river,
- let yourself be photographed,
- feel your own sweat,
- meet the local people involved in this great event, ready to offer you cold fresh water and a large amount of smiley faces :-),
- enjoy the wonderful and high quality T-Shirts you get in your participation kit (after 7 hours wearing it on the race trail, I felt no bad smell!!!, having over 22°C and a lot of sun during the day):
- enjoy the great finisher medals:
- be part of an amazing race and let yourself be carried away on the breath of an ancestral high Carpathian spirit ....

And, if you liked the experience, kiss the team!

and come again -:), bring your friends, your family, your enemies .... for making them your friends! Myself I convinced some people to run here this year.

And after all these .... let me know how do you feel, OK?

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  1. Wonderful pictures, wonderful people, fantastic views, Mamaie with her amazing blouse in that picture, amazing! Good job for the race Anka, and for the blog, keep up the good work! I love you quote "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It's lethal!" xoxo


  2. Marvelous, what a website it is! This website provides valuable information to us, keep it up.


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