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Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

Gastronomic recovery

After month of April with three long races (one half marathon in the mountains, one full urban marathon and then one full marathon in the mountains), my body needs a serious recovery. And not only a physical pause, but also a gastronomic recovery.
So, today I went big shopping first time in the year. I mean going by car and aware that it will cost me a lot of money. Four or five years ago, such of ”big food shopping” was done every month. Now, maybe twice per year. 
It was a sort of new experience as I saw a change of the landscape in Carrefour Supermarket. I mean, a big change about the kind of the people coming here for shopping, I was ..... a little bit more suprised. I was strongly and repeated cursed and insulted by a gypsy who didn't understand how and why he should stand in line to get his vegetables weighed!! Actually I was finished there and I just wanted to go further, as he came directly in the front, put his vegetables on the scale - despite the fact that behind me were about 8 people waiting (Carrefour system is stupid, really! Only one person serving the scale in such a busy day?!) - and the seller lady said to him: "I' sorry." The gypsy guy did not understood and he loudly reacted: "Why, what do you mean?!" And I said to him: "The line is behind me, she means." And he started to curse me: "Huooo, nebuno!! Uite la tine câte ai luat, nebunooo! Să stau la coadă după tine? Du-te drakului, nebunooo!
I said no word, I gone further. But, again, I was shocked that nobody on that line felt the impulse to say something, to do something. The seller lady weighed his vegetables and this was all.
Then, in the parking  place, as I left the area, I saw several gypsies getting down from their cars and going for shopping. Not that kind of ostentatious rich guys, au contraire .... the low category, dirty, simple, rudimentary in behaviour, having more nerve as I will ever own.
Why I was insulted actually? Because my basket was indeed full of stuff: carrots, potatoes, apples, green, zucchini, oranges, paprika, cauliflower and a half of yellow melon.
But, let's go back on the subject :-)
I also bought some fresh fish, as I do not eat meat: 2 pieces of trout and .... I couldn't resist to try a piece of fresh salmon, as I never tried it, being actually much to expensive.
This is what I did for breakfast then:
Fried salmon (the very small pieces over the trout), trout, pommes frites with mushrooms and small cut tomatoes, a slice of yellow melone, raw cauliflower, red and green paprika, oliven, fresh garlic and a slice of lemon. Spices: tarragon, ginger and sea salt. This is my sort of ”Royal Breakfast” which I start in the morning and finish in the evening :-)
Of course I cannot eat so much once. This will be enough for the entire day today, half in the morning and half in the evening.
The salmon tastes sooo good, so consistent .... big difference from the trout. 

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