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Montag, 26. März 2012

Bucharest, cycling, dogs, fear, what do we do?!

My bike (s) is (are) my main transportation vehicle in Bucharest. I brought this custom from Germany, where I was dependent of my second-third-hand bike for 4 years, didn't matter the difficult winter or the hot summer. In Germany I never saw a homeless dog and I refer to big cities as Kassel, Frankfurt am Main, Freiburg. 
In Bucharest we have this huge problem. I love animals. I love dogs, cats, birds, I help them when ever I can. I never, never hit a dog or a cat or an animal, what ever it was the situation. Even when, up in the mountains, it happened to be assaulted by strong dogs. 
I learned to manage them when riding and I am doing well. Last week it was probably for the first time when I met a very bitter dog. He is there every time on my usual way to the office. I am surprised that he did not recognize me and he assault me every time, again and again. I stop, talk with him, rise the voice to him. But sometimes he make me nervous. I don't have always the time and understanding to understand him. Once he made me feel the fear. But I never hit him and I hope I will never do.
I love the dogs. I hate the people who brought the dogs in this sad and cruel situation. I hate the Romanian authorities which never did the efforts to find some human solutions for this situation. And I really hate all the stupid and inhuman comments of the people against these animals, who are only victims of the human beings. 
So, there is a big serious problem, what can we do to solve it??!!
yeh .... in a country which is not able to help its citizens, the human beings .... who wants to hear about DOGS, come on!!!
Welcome  to  Bucharest! 
eu, maidanezul (click here) 

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