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Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Looking after yourself during an ULTRA RUNNING! Very nice lecture indeed!

Distances are: 50, 70 and 100 km.

I adore this presentation. It shows a lot of spirit, fair play, ability to honest communication, respect for the participant, good marketing tool after all, right?

  • Ultras are sometimes described as eating and drinking contest with a little exercise included. We provide you with basics along the route at our drinks and feeding stations, but they are spaced out along the trail and may not cater to all your desires nor be there in time for you to satisfy your water and energy requirements. However, there are plenty of lodges and little shops along the trail, carrying something for every taste. So take charge of your own needs and carry some money! Don’t rely on us (let alone blame us) if you feel thirsty/hungry and we’re not there; It’s your race, it’s your body, listen to it and look after it well.
  • This is 100km, mostly off road, some of it many hours from the nearest road head. We cannot possible mark or (wo)man every spot where you might take a wrong turn. We do our best to avoid losing any runners but you’ll have to look after yourself a bit too. We provide you with a trekking map that you can mark the course on. That will give you a general idea. Know the main villages along the route! We give you a laminated take along hand out with the main villages indicated to take along. Don’t forget it!
  • When in doubt ask for the next village on the list.
  • This is an ultra mountain trail race. We have GPS data but different devices give somewhat different distances and altitudes. We’re confident that the routes are pretty close to their stated distance, but if they are not exact, so be it. If at all, you’ll get a bit of free extra trail length for your registration fee.
  • Some of the trail is lovely easy running, some of it is quite “technical”, i.e. you’ll need to be fully focused and slow down if you feel you’re losing control. Especially when you come to wet patches, but it basically applies anywhere. Any stone may tip over when you step on it. Be light footed, flexible, and dance down those boulders in small quick moves. You may see a Nepali or a fell runner flying past you, don’t try to follow unless you’re confident that you have the necessary technique. Run your own race. Your body will tell you what you can and cannot do (anymore) at a particular stage of the race.
  • You’re not the only one on the trail. Be a good fellow traveller and:
    • Don’t run on suspension bridges
    • Don’t force yourself past others but ask or wait
    • Mules, Buffalos, cows, they couldn’t care less you’re doing a race
  • You’ll be surprised how many locals are aware of what you are doing and will shout you along. And most trekkers will have heard of it too (told by their guide) and encourage you. They treat you with respect. Make sure you treat them with respect too. And if someone laughs or makes a silly remark, who cares, and they might have a point….. ☺
Absolutely exceptional text! I could fall in love with the Nepalese people just reading this!! Congrats!  I bow to you, really!

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