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Sonntag, 31. Januar 2021

After rain. In winter. Black-white all over

Cenușiul este doar o stare de spirit.
Starea de spirit este multiplă, ca sursă și ca complexitate.
 Starea de spirit vine din burtă ...
și în drumul ei spre creier trece prin inimă.
Uneori starea de spirit devine copleșitoare.

Dacă devine negativ copleșitoare, putem învăța să ne antrenăm să o prelucrăm.
Prelucrarea intervine în creier, motorul cognitiv conștient.
Inteligența cardiacă are un rol primordial, dar fără un creier antrenat în favoarea noastră 
poate deveni suprasolicitată uneori.
Ploaia de două zile spală și zăpada de aici din vale.
Peisajul e metamorfozat. 
Pe mine mă fascinează veșmântul momentan al peisajului în puținătatea lui de culori.
Contururile sunt contrastante, negru pe alb. Exact ca în desenele mele.
Peisajul conturat în mină B8 de 0,5 ...
Tăcerea asta a culorilor ....
Frumusețea stă în esența spargerii culorilor.
Culoarea este doar iluzia noastră. 
Cenușiul este o stare de spirit.

Samstag, 23. Januar 2021

Listening to the silent of your brain's heart beats

When you first open the eyes in the morning take some moments staying there. Conscious and awake. You will hear inside your skull how the brain is working. You will hear the streets, path and alleys of your own blood circulating without break. It is an amazing sound. It can scare you. Just remain there and try to hear the symphony inside you. You are alive.

Es ist noch dunkeln draußen morgens um sechs. Wir sind noch im Winter-Modus, eine Zeit um zu lernen, um zu verstehen, um einzuatmen, die Luft einzuhalten und sie dann auszuatmen. Eins-zwei-drei-vier-fünf-sechs ..... zehn Sekunden einhalten .... sechs-fünf-vier-drei-zwei-eins.

Öffne deine Augen, so dass du sicher bist, du bist  wach und erwacht und achtsam. Du nimmst dich wahr. Du hast die Chance zu hören, wie dein Gehirn arbeitet. Kein Witz .... Du wirst die Straßen, die Wege und die Gassen deinen eigenen Blut spüren und hören und hast die Chance diesen Geräusche zuzuhören. Es ist ein faszinierendes Sound. Es könnte dich beängstigen, weil wir alle Angst vor das Unbekannte, Unbewusste haben und meistens rennen wir weg. Beweg dich nicht und versuch die Symphonie in deinem Inneren zu rauschen. Du lebst ....

You will feel the tact of your heart in your brain. It is said - and apparently scientific proved - that the heart is the main brain, the main intelligence in our body. The heart communicates to the brain. If you pay attention in your daily life, especially before the big decisions and at the moment of unexpected moments, you will remark that the decision, the first decision is never taken by the brain, but by the heart. There is a synchronicity between the stomach, heart and brain. It always starts from the lower level of your body going upstairs. This is why a perfectly straight position of the spine is important so that communication can flow.

Du wirst den Takt deines Herzens in deinem Gehirn hören. Und spüren.  Man sagt - und anscheinend wurde wissenschaftlich bewiesen -, dass das Herz eigentlich das Hauptgehirn des Menschen ist. Das Herz besitz eine eigene Intelligenz und es manipuliert dich ohne dass du es wahrnimmst - es sei denn, du sprichst mit dir selbst, dieses Dialog das mich seit einigen Jahren fasziniert. "Triff dich selbst, lerne dich kennen" und die Tore des Lebens werden sich öffnen. 

Das Herz kommuniziert mit dem Gehirn. Und wenn du tagtäglich deine Entscheidungen beobachtest, so wirst du eventuell begreiffen, dass diese aus "dem Bauch" zuerst kommen, nicht aus dem Gehirn. Es gibt eine unerklärliche Synchronizität und Kohärenz zwischen Bauch - Herz und Gehirn. Es startet immer von den niedrigsten Level deines Körpers, also von unten nach oben. Verrückt, oder?

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2021

The Time - there is none

It was seven in the evening as I lost myself in a draw started some days before. I had an idea and it was for a running group where I am a member for the third year. Online, of course. The most friendly group I ever "met" online.

Being a candles fanatic especially during the winter, I took a small candle with a burn time of eight hours. I lit it inside the red ceiling chandelier and I got lost into my A2 drawing. No colours. 

As the runners' group is pretty international, but most of them situated in the States, you can see from the pictures that some of them are walking/running through desertic areas and some are walking/running through rain forests or icy areas. So the idea was to symbolize this variety: a runner coming through a desert and running to the final goal of the year - 2021 miles - up to a glacier.

When I considered being done I still wasn't done. My body almost was in pain but my mind was still there, in my drawing. So I continued and I added a totally unexplained woman body on the bottom of the sheet. A woman formed from the dunes' sand of the desert at the border to the snow dunes .... no idea what that woman is looking for in my draw anyway but now she will stay there forever.

So, now the work was ready. I said in my mind - it could be about two in the morning, I better go to sleep. As I re-entered the room - I was there on the floor the entire time, but in different time and space - I saw the darkness around me. Above the drawing spot on the floor, I had a small reading lamp charged by USB. Now I saw that the light of the candle was gone and the first reaction in my mind was: "what the fuck? they said it will take eight hours to burn out, shit!! It took only three hours?!"

And I watched the clock: it was five in the morning, oh my Gosh!!!

You cannot imagine how it feels to realize that ten hours from your life are felt like only three .... these kind of "black-outs" are a sort of "washing your brain sessions", but in the good meaning. It is a very special therapy.

I'm WATCHing YOU!! :-)