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Samstag, 17. März 2012

Amazing Teneriffa Island, paradise for hikers and cyclists

I decided to write something about my short trip on Teneriffa Island. All the people I know, without any exception, think to Teneriffa as a sort of all inclusive holiday and shopping paradise. I have to admit that myself I didn't taste the world of shopping, beach and all inclusive, but a much, much more amazing world which this island offers in a quiet manner: 
I tasted a great food, I climbed on it the highest peak of Spain and I also descent into the bowels of this volcanic island. I spend an amazing whole week of hiking which I will describe here en detail. But, for the moment, just some pictures, so that you know what to expect for.
 After several hours of hiking on hot day, such a cold bath in the Atlantic is the most refreshing thing you wish to do :-)
descending to the inner earth ....
inside the volcanic island, Mascara Gorge, looking to the sky
descending deeper and deeper, into incredible areas ....

on the way to Teide Peak, 3.717 m high
fully enjoying the highest peak of Spain ...
but not for long, because of the hot sulfuric steam coming out from the active volcano
early start into another amazing hiking day

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