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Samstag, 28. März 2020

corona time _ 10 _ confusion

Everybody is on the internet, mostly of Youtube. Everybody is in an alert. Everybody is looking for information. Some want to see, to understand. Me too. To see how the virus "react", to understand why such a simple habit as washing the hands for at least 20 seconds can save your life. This is what I am (me too) doing for the last two weeks. Until now. 
I am a preponderant visual type. I am a strong kinesthetic type of person, I need to see, touch, try, test so that I understand, learn and implement. So I also watched a lot of videos about the "life of Corona Virus". UNTIL NOW! 
Because of what I observed yesterday and today:
# seeing (image) develops a certain emotion. In my case, instantly. 
# the emotion introduces the image in my body and in my brain in a different way (mind?)*
# my senses react. I am happy to understand the process as it is an unconscious process and most of the people don't pay attention to it.
# after a while the body will start to overcome the thoughts (mind) and the emotions. 
# in our present situation all over the world we don't have a huge range of emotions, it is mostly about fear, worries and panic. 
# this induces a long-term stress factor over the body, mind & soul.

So I surprised myself being in fear and panic while seeing others around me. Their eyes, their hands in the gloves, their masks on the face, their distance ...
I am still observing me at home as I never had this tendency to touch my face, eyes, nose with my hands and these days my hands are all over my face, all the time - so the opposite results, logic! If you show somebody a picture having the colours yellow, green, blue and brown and you tell him: "Don't look now to the green colour!" and you will then ask him which other colours were in the picture the answer will be: "I saw the green and ....." 

I washed my hands, I washed a mango fruit and pulled it and as I put the pell in the bio garbage I wanted to wash my hand again because I just touched a surface that could be infested somehow ....  or I came from outside and I didn't know what to do with my cloth coming from outside ..... to put them where?! yes, it becomes crazy and anybody can change this .... you will get infested only by thinking you could get infected. The phone rings .... should I reply? If the person is infected? And so on ..... 

We have two alternatives:
  1. to master our emotions by training the mind in the first phase
  2. to feel cosy in the new living-room of the new pals: fear, worries, panic and to let them lead us into burnout.
So, I will watch maybe ten minutes per day the news and the numbers, but I decided to act, not to react to this crisis.
To stay mentally strong will be my first priority in order to save myself, dear persons and others who are asking for my help.

*the new science tells us that the mind is not in our brain after all but in our heart. This is what it was meant by "heart intelligence" and this is why to establish the coherence among these two organs is vital for a vital life

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