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Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Salomon Ladies XT WP Jacket :-(

This lady jacket for wet weather, from Salomon, costs about 180 euros! I tried it today and I still do not understand the reason it is so expensive.
Yes, it is:
- light weight,
- packable,
- waterproof.
The product description mentioned also: "very breathable, ideal for running in wet weather." I absolutely did not feel that "very breathable". You are maybe protected outside, but you'll be 100% wet anyway, because of the inside sweat while running.
The hood cannot be rolled out.
It has a wearable stowe pocket with arm and a stash pocket and this is all.
I do NOT recommend this investition, for sure! The price is much to high versus what the item offers.
This one here costs 100 euros less, but it is much better! And it is not Salomon, but "only Ronhill!)

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