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Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Trail Microlight Running Jacket

I like cold weather. I like the windy autumn and spring days. I like trail running in the windy, chilly weather.
Last year, as I started to run in October, I needed a sort of light jacket carrying with me in case of wind and soft rain. I couldn't find, for a decent price, the item I wanted. I found a beautiful, small, very light, thin running jacket, but without any pocket and no hood. So, finding this one now, make a big difference. 
I've already run having it on, twice, for about 12 km, in a chilly, soft windy and wet evening. Very satisfied about it.
Some of its features:
- it is really super lightweight & breathable, with a high standard of wind resistance,
- water repellent shell,
- self packable into back zip pocket with elasticated adjustable belt,
- the hood is adjustable and roll away,
- lock down zip and chin guard,
- generous back zip pocket.
But ..... oh yes, pretty expensive, as all such qualitative sport items: 86 euros. This is the only reason that doesn't let me feel "happy with it". But .... it is sooooo super lightweight and has a nice adjustable hood and an useful pocket, man!! And two long cuts on the both side are also available, for a good air transfer, when needed. Useful too for reaching the pockets inside, if you wear a blouse having lateral pockets.
- trail or urban running,
- wet, soft windy, chilly autumn weather,
- trail running races - very useful to have it by hand.  
And the color perfectly suits to the thermal neck ;-) 
A BIG LIKE for it!
Update 7th of Nov. 2012: 
A dry, dark and chilly evening in Bucharest, about 12°C. Chilly enough for long thin running pants, a short sleeves T-Shirt and this jacket. And a head bandana. My mistake was to underestimate the chilly air. So, under the jacket I had no long sleeves. I run 13 km and I felt a bit cold for the first 2-3 km, then at the end, after I stopped still being outside, I could feel the wet jacket inside. So, the conclusion
It is quite important what you are wearing under such of high tech equipment. It is normal to get wet during running, so the wet have to be somehow absorbed ... but not having the right material, the body wet stops on the "jacket's wall", right? And it becomes cold and you feel it directly on your skin and you get cold. So simple is that!

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