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Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

Lost Worlds Trails Racings ... TRANSYLVANIA TRAVERSE 2014

2014 seems to be even more interesting than 2013. This year, the local (Romanian) market for amateur sport competitions has witnessed a quantitative and qualitative enrichment without precedent, despite the general deep depressing crisis at all levels: social, economical, political, financial, mental and so on. For instance, from a low number of only 7 triathlons in 2012, we had this year the opportunity and the chance to be part of 15 races. Economically and financially speaking this means an increase of over 100% and this not only from the numbers point of view.
As I haven't been running trail races for long a time, rather less than two years now, I don't know much about the evolution on this segment. After running about 22 races so far, I still feel myself like a beginner ...
September 2014 will bring a real challenge ... a new one, I mean! Imagine you run in Romania - so you don't need to book your flight and accommodation for values far above your 3-5 months income -, on the paths you know, through the forests you adore, on the mountains you are used to train on, among about 200 Swedes and 100 American runners .... add maybe 300 Romanians or more ... is this not a new breath in the local atmosphere?! Yes, the good news is that we will be able to run together with them for a fair fee due to our local prices and we will also have the opportunity to experience a new approach from the organizational point of view. Not to mention the important economical impact such an international event can have in the local area. It would be much more to comment about the involved aspects, but this is not my intention for the moment.
The competition named Transylvania Race Traverse (enter the link for details) will be organized by a Swedish company specialized in such of events, in cooperation with some Romanian partners, of course.
Per Sjögren from the Swedish company was very nice to accept a briefly communication and so I have found out some details about an event, which sounds very challenging and promising. It would be a shame not to be so, having the relevant potential of the Carpathians!
The Transylvania Trail Traverse will be on September the 5th, next year, in the area of Brasov.
The Swedish Company organizes adventure races since 1997 and has "a reputation as one of Swedens leading racemakers". The guys already "visited" the race trail and will come back soon again, as they have a lot of things to arrange. From the Romanian side so far they work with Mihai Zlavog (see Ciucas Trail Race for more details).
The presentation of their web site is really nice and  I do like how they present their business, generally speaking. As I myself have left my soul in Scandinavia, 23 years ago, I have to admit that I'm still keeping a special penchant for everything that has to do with that part of the world, including their approach, music, language, Germanic and Viking spirit, thoroughness, organizational skills etc. I wonder what the guys from Northern Runners would say about this race :-)
Back to the race from September 2014: The Scandinavian and American runners will enjoy the landscape, the "primitivism" of a sort of "last frontier" inside the "civilized Europe" - I am sure about this. To see Bran, Sighisoara, Brasov area is a privilege which the Romanian touristic sector wasn't able to exploit up to its real potential during the last 22 years and to bring a huge income to Romania, a natural source which could become the most important and progressive income for the entire population.
Race options for individuals
single stace race for 56 k / 106 k, starting at 6 a.m. (I love this!)
2 days stace race: 56 k + 50 k (this is what I would like to do!)
Relay options: 106 k relay / 4 runners (28 k + 28 k + 25 k + 25 k).
Total elevation: 7000+ gain.
For more details visit their page and Facebook groups - Lost Worlds Racing Group.
A warm welcome to all Sweden / American etc. runners, looking forward to reading their race reports next year :-)!
And here I give you a good reason to come and run in May another great traditional trail running race, perfect organized by a local Team: Enjoy EcoMarathon, people! If you come after reading this, let me know and share your impressions!
Update 2nd of Nov.
Acest material și-a atins scopul.
Cine l-a înțeles de la început, așa cum a fost gândit ... bravo lui!
Povestea continuă.
Update 4th of February 2014 (!)
Despite all promises and all public discussions on the Facebook event, the Swedish organizers still do not find appropriate to make this race available also for locals. A race in Romania cannot be run by Romanian trail runners, so far..... while the ”prices for international guests” are pretty high! I wonder if only in Romania is possible such of strange events ....
I gave up to follow the event longer than one month ago, after I wrote again to Mr. Sjögren, as he promised again he will publish all the details very soon. I keep this promise since over three months now.
But this evening, a Romanian guy, a medical doctor, established in France, asked me about the details of this race, being very confuse about the missing information for Romanian runners. He would come to Romania to race, but he does not need accommodation and any kind of extra services, as normal. He would subscribe, but cannot do it. The race is still available only as a "travel package" and only for "international guests". Romanians are not good enough for this race, but their county it is!!
The lack of reaction makes this country what it is today. The local nation have to walk to kiss hands of the foreigners who are coming here to make money. Much money. Everyone earns what it deserve, sometimes.

15 Kommentare:

  1. ha ha ha ... hope the money will be not managed by the Romanian side, right?!

  2. nice race in Bucegi, same like the one held in july every year...hmm what was the name of that one?
    ohh yeah Marathon 7500.

  3. interesting....but I think this challenge will not be a succes...this competition brings nothing new. The track is similar with "Marathon 7500" the most succesfull competition in Romania. And who are the guys that already "visit" the trail? I think is a good joke....:))) But if you wanna try...ask first!

    1. It is amazing to see such of negative reactions, guys. Why would be such a problem you accept this race organized by someone else, is there any kind of exclusivity on Romanian Mountains? Do the foreigner disturb you in any way? I've run with my friends all over the world but nowhere I had to read about such an animosity, really .... what a pitty. Maybe not such a good idea to travel to Romania and spend there thousand euro for one week. I will think about it again. But I hope you will want to come someday to run in Sweden and to feel exactly so welcomed by us. Adjö!

  4. @inamicu This is not a joke. In april we were 10 of us that spend a lovely weekend in Bucegi, and in september
    36 testpilots and navigators came to Bucegi to run all different paths. Since then there have been a lot of planning. We have made so many popular races that all is built in the same way. Legends, myths and beutifulplaces and a fantastic spirit at the event, People who like is seem to be openminded and different. To bring 300 people outside Romania to a race must be a succsess for hotel, restaurants, bars, volonteers etc. In sep 300 friendly traillovers will come alone if no Romanian people want to share the party.
    We hope you will come in september so you with your own eyes can see the difference:)

    1. No ofense, Per, but due to your web site you have no prices for Romanian runners. As we should stay and watch how the foreigner having money for spending in our country. Just curious to whom you asked for advice before planning this race. Do you know that Mihai Zlavog, your partner dissapear with about 11 tousand euro last September??? Money from the competitors. So, this is the partner you have in Romania? The trail is the idea of another team not of Mihai, Mihai is just stealing and avoid working all his life long. Come on .... inform you and try to play a right game. I cannot believe that somebody planned such a race in Romania without analyzing the local context. We hope the Romanian runners will be allowed to run for free :-) ... the prices on the web site are huge for us. Does Mihai need more money, right? Crazy world, really! Mihai Zlavog, ce tupeu ai!!! Sunt curios cine te va ajuta, ca singur nu prea vad cum sa reusesti. Cum i-ai mai mintit si pe straini oare?

  5. Are you joking? It will be a great race!!! LOL May not be new for you but for us for sure! I always wanted to go to Romania, now I have a strong reason!! Your name abroad is not quite a positive one, what about to change this by greeting such an opportunity? I dont get it at all, why so angry

  6. I`m very glad to hear that a new ULTRA race is organized in Romania.
    I have seen any prices for race only(so no lodging, airport transfer, etc), but i`m definitely interested in participating.

    One problem might be that the date is near the ultra Ciucas trail running.


    1. you have to choose the race after all, we all do so, we cannot participate to all races on the market, right? how many ultras can you run per season? 2-3-4? if it happens to be 6 ... you have to choose. a race is not a problem, but a new opportunity.

    2. As being suggested by Mihai Zlavog, the first organizer of Ciucas trail running, this is at least an odd thing .... I doubt he intended to canibalize his own race ..... tzzzzz

    3. Its not like in Romania we have too many ultras. Only 2. So the more to chose from the better.

      Mihai.(btw its a common first name)

    4. Mihai, if Ciucas Ultra Trail still exists next September, it is too close in time and this is the strange thing. M.Z. did organized Ciucas Ultra Trail midd of Sept and now he intend to organize a different Ultra TRail Race at the beginning of the same month, cannibalizing his own trail, which he cannot conduct anymore!? Tell me this is a sporty behavior and a deontological approach .... The context is a special one this time, except all other issues of the situation. Anyway, it is an uncomfortable situation created here, which, by the way, bring Romania nothing good.

    5. From what i read until now, the Swedish people want foreign people to come here(i havent seen yet a tax for race only) so i dont think Romanians are in their target for this race. As for Ciucas trail running most of the runners are Romanians.

      Sincerely i have my doubts that Ciucas ultra part will happen also next year, i have seen how much the volunteers worked to prepare the race(and they did a great job) for such few competitors. I really hope there will be a 3rd edition.

      As for problems with Mihai Zavlog i dont know much about this, i heard some rumors during the competition and then i read that you will post an interview with the other organizer of Ciucas about it(which i havent seen it yet or maybe i missed it). Maybe thats why i`m seeing only positive things from having another race organized here(especially an ultra).

      Anyway good luck at MPC :)


    6. From my point of view, a missing race fee for the local people was and it is a huge mistake and here the Romanian partner play a huge role. BUT, myself I experienced to want to book a travel having a paushal price, not a netto price. So, I did not need flight and transfers, for instant. So, I just asked the organizer about the netto price an I got it. So simple is that, if you want to see the good part of things too. I asked the Swedish company about the price for Romanians and I have got the reply, it will be the market price, around 100 RON. Simple. You ask and get the answer. Sometimes it is so. Yes, I see the mistake they ignored Romanians at the beginning and this is a sort of mkt error I cannot understand ..... I have my ideas why it is happening so, but I cannot say I know for sure. About that interview, you are right. I still have the material, but Alexandra and Dragos State changed their minds and after being contacted by them .... I don't have their approval to publish it. This was also a big mistake, but I cannot publish it without their approval. The story itself it is strange enough, for stealing 11-12.000 euro you should be treid in court already. Ask Alexandra and Dragos why they changed their mind about this ......
      So, I hope the Transylvania Traverse will take place in a way or another. It would bring only positive things for Romania. Romania lost 10 years ago the huge TUI Germany investitions only because the Romanians said: "we do not need German managers and investors on our Black Sea Resorts, we are the best for our country, do not need foreigners." The Germans from TUI went then to Bulgarian Black Sea Beach, have build and scholarize there and guess what???? Since so many years, Romanians spend their summer holiday in those resorts from Bulgary, because in Romania we do not have what the Bulgarian have .....


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