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Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

It could be fun in your life .... find the right coach :-)

go out on the field and look around ..... it might be that you like it!
yes .... yes ..... another step ..... YEEEESSSS ....!
dare to feel the deep of the white stuff around you ..... it doesn't hurt!
first steps, come on ..... we walk, run, jump, we do not swim today!
and for sure we do not sleep here!!
so, please change the attitude!!! come on, it is freezing ..... 
 "Yes, coach, I know! Attitude is everything!!!"
Come on woman, move on, move on ... yes, that's it!
nooooo .... again ..... 
do you thing life is a funny game? do you think I am here to play around?!
"Hey, Coach, look! I do crunches!!"
 Crunches, eh? What about sit-ups?!
"Yeah, what ever .... and Supermans, look!!"
You look pathetic, girl! 
"You too, coach!" :-)
"At least I move my butt here! You move only your lips, Coach! Come, run with me!"
"Yes, do some stretching!"
Keep some balance ....
It is snoooooowiiinggggggggg ....... we have over 30 cm snow!!!
Thank you, Coach! You made my day!!
I told you!! You too, woman! Just make some squats and go home ....
"Yes, I go home, but first I do some squats :-)"
"And then I run for a short while, OK, coach?"
Do what ever you feel today, I go home, girl!  You are crazy!
"OK, Coach ..... tell me something new! And .... you should do some more training, you know? It is good for your health! And it does not hurt ..... :-) :-)"

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