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Samstag, 10. November 2012

Less touristic parts of Kathmandu

.... and some chaos about karma and desires.
Before going to Nepal for the first time, in December 2008, someone told me that probably that part of Asia would suit me the best. No idea why. 
Still no idea if it is true. But something is for sure: Nepal is the first destination where I returned and to where I would go any time again, this moment too! I still don't know why, I cannot recognize if it is my karma or only infatuation.
 In a total different way as Rome or Africa for instant, you can see the Kathmandu as an open air museum of ancient human culture.
 I don't know the rest of the continent, so I cannot compare what I saw in Nepal with other parts of Asia.
 I have read some stuff lately about happiness, desires, destiny, energies, thoughts, believes .... and I start to think that the main problem why I cannot find the solution for me is very simple: I cannot decide to define my life's desire. What am I actually want? What am I actually hopping for, looking for? (I know, generally speaking, but it is still missing something ...) I mean: I met in my life several young persons describing their particular wish: ”I want to marry a man/women looking so and so, doing that and that, having a home like this.... and 2 children, a boy and a girl, or a blond hair girl” ... stuff like these. Meeting them after 4 or 10 years .... they had exactly those things in that particular order ... Is this not absolutely amazing and beyond our perceptions?!!
 If, for instant, I could choose this evening where to go for living, what would I choose?!
 I am in love with Norway, far North of Norway, to be more specific. Would I choose Norway or Nepal?
 I am in love with Swiss .... So, you see my point?
Think about something very pragmatic: how clean and organize are these both societies, Norway and Swiss?
And look to Kathmandu ... how the hotels are cleaning the sheets, for instant:

  This is the most important thing I can think about just now, if I imagine I should choose now.
 What I know for sure is, that I will be out someday. Somewhere there, far away.
 And in order to find my way, the first priority is to define my desire, right? Left or right, high or down?
 Life is full of nuances, but there are certain situations in our lives when we do not have place for maybe, if ... then ..., and so on.
 I spend in Kathmandu about 3 weeks per total. I know for sure that I profoundly dislike that place.
 As a short term destination for a tourist, of course it is worth to be visited and walked through all directions.
 The highlands life is very different from the urban life and I am sure that the life values too. In Kathmandu you can feel a pregnant hunger for money as the prior element to a better life, to a better status, a better image.
 The young men walking so proud on the dirty streets, on their business suits - too large size mostly -, wearing that kind of old fashion gentlemen shiny shoes and eventually a sort of Diplomat bag are a total paradox in that world.
 Like I saw in an isolated village of Romania, years ago, young woman wearing high hills on the village ground and going to the single water fontaine to bring and carry water for cooking in an old, not so clean bucket.
A man dropped his bean on the ground, he waited for walkers and bikes to go over his bean and now he is collecting every single grain by grain ... is this my dream? I already lived this, would I face it again in my ife?
  Kathmandu benefits about 4 up to 6 hours per day of electricity!

 No schedule, they just turn the electricity source off. First time when I reached Kathmandu, late December in the evening, I entered the "hotel" room and wanted to have a shower. I was awake and changed 3 different aiplanes for the last 40 hours. I was hungry, thirsty and dirty. And tired.
 As suddenly I was immersed in the darkness it was pretty clear I cannot see and find anything else. I wasn't prepared for such a situation.
at 6 a.m. leaving Thamel, in Kathmandu   
.... to be continued ....

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