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Freitag, 2. November 2012

Winter bike shoes from Shimano :-)

This is a real good investition, people! For mountain biking or just for urban use, I am quite happy with this shoes, even I am not a fan of sofisticated pedal systems and I do not use them at all, as I couldn't get used to it.
They look maybe old and ugly, but I used them last winter, biking everyday to work. They keep warm, dry, are comfortable and look nice on the feet. If your normal feet size is 38-39, you should wear at least 40-40,5 for this model, of course.
Costs: 200 euros. Not so expensive for the value, but of course, for the Romanian life standard it is a high price.
- winter / cold autumn/spring,
- wet, dry, frozen weather,
- trail or city.
A BIG LIKE for it!

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