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Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

Love, Hate or Indifference

We all experience along the Life Journey's some burn-out of our mind and souls, but most of us ignore the signals and cannot accept the real state of themselves.
We are not educated, we are not used to listen to ourselves. We even do not know we exists in our three dimensions - Soul, Mind, Body - which make us the probably most powerful Being on Earth! 
Thinking back to my last personal story - Von Burn-Out to Ironman Coaching - and the probably the deepest life crisis I experienced in the last 40+ years I now can evaluate how strong The Indifference impacts us. 
When we are confronted with a situation which negatively impact our life, our soul, mind and body we become extremly vulnerable and that is the moment when we need support from family, friends. 
But somehow, exactly in these situations we are confronted with a new situation we cannot manage: friends, sometimes even family members keep distance of us. No time, no mood, no interest .... 
The are friendly, but ..... indifferent. This is one of the states we cannot manage. We could manage Hate, but Indifference is somehow more painful because it is not definible. And it hurts no matter how strong you mentally actually are!

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