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Freitag, 25. Dezember 2020

2020 - about Christmas Spirit

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Christmas Eve, Christmas time, Christmas spirit …. 

When you know that only today and tomorrow are you allowed by the law to walk free where ever you want and that after tomorrow the new lock-down is going to be implemented is difficult to talk about Christmas Spirit. 

Our illusionary Freedom it has been taken, that small part of Freedom we still have had has been taken .... and this is the most incredible stuff in our times. To destroy everything that makes us as a society and human beings, to deliberately destroy the economy, the middle class, destinies of people - so many suicides and mass-media does not relate about any of them in Austria! - and even souls and health in name of health and security ..... it looks like a war is coming. A silent war, hidden strategy, step by step we are stolen of our spirit if we let to be done.

I am, exactly as you are, speechless, thoughtless,  wordless ..... even if inside me I do really enjoy the time being, as always in December, as always for Christmas. I have my own created Christmas Spirit.
There was once a Merry Christmas ..... 
A rainy, cloudy, "unfriendly" grey weather in Zell am See and over +10°C.
Christmas Eve - I went out in the darkness and I set on the edge of the lake. Just being there. And being grateful to be there.

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