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Freitag, 3. November 2017

off-season for triathletes

A very valuable seminar with Mark Allen, it is a pleasure to see and hear him again!

I had to remember about those guys in triathlon or other endurance events, such as trail running, who simply cannot let it go! They put pressure on themselves and have the wrong idea in mind that if they stop running for two weeks they are out of their fitness level.

What is really meaning off-season?
Well, it always depends of the athlete, this is why we coaches do personalized training plans. A good and successfull relationship athlete-coach is based on longterm cooperation, not only on six months contract.

Depending of the life, training, races and medical history a real off-season can take from two months to 2-3 years. 

Off-season does not mean lying on the couch and watching television. It means cutting down and cutting out disciplines, volumes, intensities, frecquecy. 

It means enjoying outdoor activities, not going outside because "it is a must". 

It means regular low intensity strength "training" sessions and this can be done in combination with jogging or hiking of mountain biking.

It means walking instead running sometimes (move rather than train!), no track (no Garmin in the pocket :-)).

It means "let your mind outside" and do not over think about the last season and the future season.

Actually, the first two weeks after a race season or after a really tough race - an Ironman as Race A or an Ultratrail Run - are the time when you, as athlete, get the time to emotionally recover and you need this time even when you have the feeling you do not need it. 

Eat good, sleep more and longer, relax, move but not train. Contemplate, meditate, read, go to the massage, take sauna bath and such of things. Recharge your body and spirit. And then read this stuff: Doing Best of Your Off-Season

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