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Mittwoch, 8. November 2017

Aura and a bit about Mind (again)

(Ernesto Cortazar – Sicilian Romance)

A peaceful, peaceful autumn day like a late romantic symphony, no drops of baroque or Beethoven sounds. Grey sky all over the sight limits. No track of movement, no leaf breathing. A landscape in Theta Waves. A dying green on the fields.

(Handel – Sarabande)

He purely enjoys these kind of nothing-to-say mornings and is grateful having them. Thinking back in his life, he found the joy of loneliness in his life more often as he felt the joy of having company. A not suitable company is worse as being alone. We are never lonely indeed. Who feels lonely did not discovered himself yet, we are three entities alltogether, all the time. It is a thing he just understood now in his 50th life year, through his emotion and intellect too and when the intellect gives up, applauding the Emotion and letting her the Leading Role, then you are closer to yourself and to the improvements of your future life. Your life is the only thing is matter. If Your Own Live is flowing, then you have the strength and the empowerment to help other.

(Thoma Albinoni – Concertos for Oboe und Violin)

He suddenly felt a kind of Something in the chaotic dormitory where now all the packed things into cartoons are ready for the soon moving out …. This time moving out in a total different part of this long and cold country …. Cold by the essence of a nation who probably never healed the old traumas of its history. The coldness sets boundaries and no explanations are given. This kills souls …… souls like his.

The space gets such a different flair, it is like free space was designed for a new different dimension. He has the feeling of feeling The Aura and cascades of thoughts are coming from above, pictures from an entire period of life he spent on The Roof, when things seemed to work more or less from themselves.

The Aura – well, we do not realize that this is a part of us belonging to us. It is not our shadow, as the shadow depends of light. Aura belongs to us, it is our eggshell and inside we are those who are living.

(Best of Bach)

He largely opened the window and turned the heat system off. Such a static atmosphere today, cars sounds are irrelevant, he is listening to music, to rain and to himself …. There is Something there today, it is something different today …. Alone in this over 100 square meters apartment over the big garage but  not lonely ….. there are still some souls here he loose years ago and re-entered his life again …. Now, feeling that, he starts to think about how it would be better: to send them away or to accept them and let them stay so long they find here a place?

Let them stay, otherwise you spoil everything. Let them stay so long is needed. They will then discreetly leave you and everything will be OK, you will not even notice because you will be doing so infinite well, boy … so infinite well ….”

(Claude Debussy – Clair de Lune)

The Aura plays an important role for us. We (can) change it, conscious or not. Our Human Design Profile helps us to see and to understand where do we are positioned in this matter, how close do we let others to come to and into us, how open we are for getting others’ energies fields and in which points of us.

(Improvement Music from Tibet)

Life begins at the end of the comfort zone (Dalai Lama). Does The Aura show us our comfort zone? When do we talk about the Comfort Zone actually? Each person has the own Comfort Zone and as we are so different, it is clear that the CZ also varies. It is about a psychological border each of us has about what we feel comfortable to do in different aspects of our life such as work, personal relationships, where we live, what we share with others.

Aura is a different stuff although. A Swiss Doctor, Paracelsus (1493-1541) said centuries ago already: “The power of life is not confined to a human, but radiates around her like a sphere of light.”

Thinking about Paracelsus words, he remembers a sculptor lady said to his mother years ago: “I would like your son comes with me downtown today. I feel good with him around me, he has a good presence, a good Aura, he has a straight spinal column and a sort of aura, I don’t know what ….. but he has something appealing at a different level, not a physical one.” He was 22 then.

(Schubert – Ave Maria)

He closes the window again and listen to the music of the raindrops. A large orchestra keeping a constant rhythm for hours ……….

(Paul Collier music)

After 26 years, remembering about that German sculptor lady, Karin, he looked after her in internet. He didn’t remember her name, just the name of the place. He found her after few minutes and wrote to her. The lady is now over 60, doing works and teaching. An overwhelming feeling came and he suddenly was back in Germany 26 years ago …. All those life stories, all those days and weeks and months and years and loves and feelings and people and landscapes and colours ……….. Karin wrote back to him. Yes, it would be nice to make her a visit, she remembers well about his mother and those times …..

(Melody of Love – Beethoven)

The Aura is an electro-magnetic energy field surrounding us. Aura is a layer of our Being. There is said, that not only living entities – humans, animals, plants – have an aura, but also the objects all over the place.

Your Aura contains your very individual information and it is subject to change all the time, as you change all the time. It also has a highly intensity of perception which absorbs information from outside of you.

Aura has different shapes, colours, textures, sizes, sounds, patterns. 
Through energetic work you can be told who you really are. Your Aura responds to your thought you are thinking. A negative thought is perceived, interpreted and sent back as a physical symptom.

Seeing a person from the first time you mostly judge him or her due to the feeling you get. It is about her or his Aura. You can say if his/her smile is a fake one or a real one. You can say if he/she is a generally speaking merry, optimistic being or rather a pessimistic one. You can feel even if he/she is passing a crisis at that moment or not. His/her Aura is the message let you decide if you like or dislike that person.

Aura has several layers and the closest to your body shows through its colour your essence.

We all are able to see auras and there are more levels about what we see. Most of us forget it, but it can be learned by exercising. Just make clear for yourself the reason you want to see Auras.

Seeing others’ Auras build a certain type of intimacy as you see inside of them. If we all would pay attention to our and others’ auras we would have less judgment in the world, less insults,  less misinterpretation, a better interaction,  a colourful world, a better communication and understanding. We would start to perceive the effects we have on others. Seeing beyond the physical appearance would turn us on into more human beings.

Perceiving Auras means focusing on that and shutting down the environment that distracts our attention. When we still used to go to the cinema to watch a movie, we focused on the movie, on the big monitor. For one and half up to three hours we totally forgot about our life, worries, stories. We were in the process of being aware. Watching the same movie at home now we mostly are distracted by what it is around us: movements, discussions, a phone ringing, what is in the refrigerator etc.  etc. We never stay 100% focused on that movie, we interrupt or we let us being interrupted and leave the process several times during the movie. This is a way of becoming superficial in time, not paying attention, not perceiving details, not finishing things we might have started, not carefully listen to each other and so on. We use to laugh about these kind of processes, so our Ignorance is our Master.

Babies see Auras, they do not need to learn the process, it is something we have in us when we are born. We do not have the words, the vocabulary, this will be given to us. Not having the words, the “definition” of what we see as babies, we natively focus on the Aura we see, on that information that is actually more than enough for us. After we are forced to learn the words, we start to focus more and more on the physical world and lose our capability to see and perceive beyond that, so a lot of information we used to see goes lost forever from our life. We never reach our baby capability status again or just a small part of it (what is often said about old people? “Oh, don’t pay attention to him, he just dropped back into the childhood mind.” – right? We should better pay attention to this: “A nation without old fellows should buy some ….”).

Seeing only what is physical while ignoring everything else that is non-physical is not a sign of Evolution.
This limits us in an extraordinary way actually and we get lost in time, because the Reality has much more to offer than only the objects we are now able to see. We are actually 90% blind through the Real World and through our Life. We are not able to see, hear and feel beyond the image our eyes see at a moment inside a very small area. We once had the “eagle view” over everything and now have the “frog view”.

Very few human beings still have and develop their extra sensitivity at this level and I was lucky enough to meet one of them last year (clear voyant). It was a turbulent experience in my life. Not a nice one after all as I wasn’t prepared somehow. At the first contact I’ve got confused and my Intuition said to me instantly: “Keep distance of her!”. I ignored the Intuition and after less than six months, I experienced a new trauma of my life due to that person. Now I know better how to recognize these kind of humans and to focus on listening to my Intuition. Being a clear voyant does not necessarily means you are “a good” person or the suitable person for me, don’t ignore this aspect!

The ability of seeing Auras means also the ability of not focus on the problem, but beyond the problem – when a situation occurs, for example.

When we want/desire something that is not coming to us we should understand that a part of us doesn’t really wants/desires that something, so we experience a conflict. This is why you always first should clarify the reasons of wanting or not wanting something, both is equal important.

(The Rain Sounds by The Nature)
The Mind talks. “I don’t want hear you today, I don’t want listening to you, I do not need you today, believe me.” The Mind talks and talks …. to itself. He is not listening anymore.

He is listening to the rain, the sounds of the drops falling on the roof and the windows over the bed. “I will miss these sounds, this space and this silence. But, I will be fine, I will be better, Life goes on …. “

Life is a movie. The mind is the one that rules that movie. The way you interpret your process, the way you look at life, the way you see others, the way in which, in essence, you interpret the Maia itself… all that is through the agency of mind, and it leads to this incredible distortion: That mind is in charge. 

That somehow, because it is the agency through which we interpret the Maia, it has a right to rule our lives. It does not. 

That's the way of folly. It's the way of the not-self and homogenization. And yet, it is so important to understand that when you take away the authority of the mind to rule your life, you have a chance to discover your mind. 

You discover its potential when it is no longer burdened by all those mundane decisions that you think you have to make.

Instead of living the truth of who you are, operating according to your Strategy & Authority and sitting back in the passenger seat and watching your mind as it explores, as it shares, as it communes with the other.

Mind has a future, it does. A future that doesn't include telling you what to do.

Everybody's in a hurry… Everybody is always in a hurry.

Those of us who live in Western societies, we have been inundated and inculcated with this concept that everything is there to be had now. 

Now. Instant gratification. 

It's something to know about Human Design, it’s not a fad. It’s not something you dabble with, because it's a process of deconditioning which begins when you enter into your Strategy & Authority: The experiment of operating correctly as yourself. 

It doesn't change things overnight but it does have an impact, there is no question about it. And each moment that you make a decision correctly as yourself changes the whole trajectory of your process. 

But we are bio forms, and we were all born into deep conditioning, conditioning that settled deeply into ourselves. We have a process in this life of cellular renewal. Just about all the cells in our body are renewed every seven years. 

Deconditioning is a seven-year process. It takes dedication and discipline. It takes the dream of wanting to fulfil your purpose on this plane. 

We often forget, when we look at those that we admire, that we refer to in terms of their journeys and their processes, how much time it took. 

It’s a life process. It’s about transforming your life, not transforming for an experience in the moment. But transforming for a process that ultimately results in you living out your purpose here on this plane as an aware nine-centered being.

Deconditioning, it takes time. Be patient, live your process moment by moment, but understand, it is a journey. There is no instant gratification in that.“ (Ra Uru Hu)

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