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Freitag, 10. April 2020

Mental Training: awarness breathe as anchor

Later in life (too late, unfortunately), I learned and understand that the main point of our life is just a matter of choice. Born and educated in a communist country was for sure a different experience from what most of us imagine nowadays. We had for sure some choices, but we didn't have much choice indeed, the system was not too flexible and especially in the last years (starting 1982) before its end (End of December 1989) the range of choice disappeared totally. In a different way than today, we all were in a cage and were followed and told to keep a low profile and accept the lockdown in our minds. So you see, if the conspiracy theory will be proven to be right, I have a sort of advantage :-)
So, doesn't matter what it comes, the beings have the freedom of choice in a direction or another. 
Just imagine your name is Irem, you train for your first important sport race in your life and I am writing to you :-) as coach:
Do you remember about the terms of "anchor" and "watch your breath, listen to it"? Do you remember for sure about our lessons of "meet yourself and say "Hello :-)"".....
Remember to lead your awareness to the breath. As we all know - but never bothered to question it -, the breath happens by itself above and below our intentions. It is a perfect mechanism of keeping us alive and saving energy and we were not taught to be thankful for it.
At the present moment and in the present planetary context - doesn't matter IF and WHAT or HOW and WHY -, when we are exposed to such a large number of deaths around us (be also aware that watching this news is also a matter of choice, as a picture talks to our unconsciousness stronger than any words in the world!), it is important to anchor us several times per day. Consciously breathing reminds us about ourselves. We live, we breathe and we have the choice. This is a reason to be thankful and to embrace the moment. Embracing the moment and tasting the gratitude arise our energy from inner. This leads to a joyful army of cells in our body, right?
Along the last years - let's say the last 15-20 years - humans stopped to take care of themselves and their relationships. "I don't have time!" or "Not now!" - but when? "Any time, but not now!" - and we kept saying that "not now" or we kept it being told to us .... 
This year we were given what I used to say we don't have it! WE HAVE TIME! - Most of us have plenty of time now and most of us have no idea, absolutely no idea what to do with it but worrying and watching the news every single second of the day. On the other hand, of course, there are others who have no time to stop because they work in a field serving others. Having time or not, breathing awareness advantages every single human, so I keep writing about it.

Find a quiet place, a quiet corner where you feel most safe. Put away all that could disturb you and let others in the house know about what you are going to do. Maybe they want to try it. If you have a corner in the garden don't hesitate to sit or lie directly on the grass barefoot. If you sit upright the chances you stay aware are bigger.
Sit down and find that comfy position you can keep for at least half an hour. This is named ground yourself.
For a better concentration close your eyes (as for the certain strength exercises so far :-)).
Do you remember the exercise "meet yourself" in front of a bigger mirror? If you have that bigger mirror where you can see yourself entirely than position your body in front of the mirror and keep the eyes open.
Bring your awareness to your whole body and short distance around it. Try to touch the space around your body, imagine you see the own aura and you just lead your hands like in a dance around your silhouette. 
Bring your awareness on your toes and move up towards your body shifting your attention from one area to the next, slowly and piece by piece.
Notice all sensations you feel and do not judge anything. If any thoughts are coming, let them coming and go back on the body area where you were in that moment. If you need to touch it, touch it - this is for sure the modality to move your full awareness to that point.
Lead your focus up to the head and above the head. Stay there for a few moments and come to your chest. Visualise your heart, your thymus gland and your lungs. Observe the movement of your chest. Feel the in-breathe and the out-breathe for several minutes. Close the eyes. Breathe in along 6 seconds, keep the breathe up in the chest, let the healing energy built there for 4 to 8 seconds and while breathing out along 6 seconds relax entirely all the muscles of your body. Imagine how the lungs relax, how the heart smiles and how the cels dance :-)
If any thought are coming, let them coming but knowing that thoughts, like emotions, travel around us and it is our choice to keep them, to invite them inside, to observe them (as they are on their journey looking for a rest in our head :-)) or to talk to them and invite them outside .... and here I mean only those thoughts that do not serve us.
Thoughts do not own us. Let only those thoughts own you that show you the life you want to have, to live. Serving thoughts are to be kept :-)
Thoughts are not our reality. They can become our reality if we keep them, right? 
Thoughts are snowflakes ....
Thoughts are like those smart aggressive monkeys around the temples in Asia :-)
YOU are the DJ - you can orchester them :-)
Do that exercise with the pencil among the lips :-) - I have to draw this in the near future .... 
Every single time you get distracted take your attention by hand and bring it back to the breath. This is your ANCHOR.

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