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Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

Old cat enjoying the Danube shore :-)

So, after two months, now we are able to be transported for longer distances .... :-) ”endurance trip” for the old cat :-)
So, after 3 km, we reached the Danube shore .... I wonder why?! We could stay in front of our home, plenty of green grass there .... why such a long way?!
WTFFFFFFUCK?????? I am not thirsty, man!!! So MUCH WATER!!!! For me?!?!?!?! No! no, no, nooooo!!!! HELP!!!!
What are those????!!!
 Ups .... they are moving !!!
Mom, please help me .... are they dangerous?!

 Look!!!!! they walk on water .... and that lady ..... what is she doing in the water???? no-no-nooooo
So, good they are away now .... Could I go out, pleaseeee?!

 Thanks, now I have to jump, yeh?! Ooookkkk.......

Now I can go where I want, right?!

 So, Mr. Kat enjoyed his part of adventure. We stayed about one hour, happy, without any homeless dogs or other difficulties we always had there, months ago .... We are free, finally free ....
A wonderful day today. Cloudy, sunny, rainy .... a wonderful mixture, but warm air. I slept longer, quitting the half marathon race I was subscribed for today. I wasn't in the mood for a race. This year is not my race year .... 2011 was my race year, the best one.
After the short trip with Mr. Kat we came back home, I changed and I returned to the river for a longer slow swim. It was raining, but not for long.
 The shore was almost empty, about another 2-3 people were swimming. The water was so niceeeee..... no wind outside, ideal weather!!
Yesterday I saw how the river was cleaned up.... the local authorities are doing this very often on a regular basis, so far I could observe during these two months since I am here.
It is not much to tell about a swim session. I've just swam in my not technical way, relaxed and enjoyable.
One km crawl with the pull buoy and the second km only bras.
 After a nice swim, I run for about 40 minutes, 8 km
Summer rain started again as I rode back home.

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