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Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016

when going to sleep ....

What we are doing before going to sleep comes with us over night. Do not watch the news, do not read the newspaper. Disconnect from the day behind you. It is all over. You need your sleep now, does no matter how bad your day was. It is past.
Focus on yourself, on your body muscles. Take every part of your body for real. I start from the feet to the heart. When I do a massage to a client I also start from the distal parts going to the heart region.
Relax your muscles. Feel the muscles, let them getting heavy. Take deep slowly breathe, exhale long and slowly. Breathe in your abdominal area, not in the chest. Feel the air flowing through your body when inhaling it. If you have pain somewhere in the body redirect the breath to that part, visualise giving  fresh energy there and exhaling the bad energy from there.  Trust the inner healing power you have, you are the only one who can heal you.
Any kind of feelings you have, if they are negative – let them go.
Does not matter how heavy a problem can be for you, be aware that it is talk about only your thoughts about that problem. The problem does not exist, only your thoughts about its existence. And thoughts can be change.
The people in our life who make us nervous and irritate us have an important role in our life. Through them we can learn about ourselves. Their role is limited and they stay in your life just so long you allowed them that.
Changing your way to think, you will change and you will see other people around us also change.

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