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Freitag, 23. Dezember 2016

Make a wish. Or two. Or three.

Make a list of all your serious wishes. 
Without thinking if is possible or not, just like kids are doing! 
Just write them down. Pay attention to the details. 
The most important ones on the top of the list. 
Keep the list in a box and let it there. Everytime you have a new wish, add it on the list. Everytime a wish on the list is fullfilled, note there. When you want to reformulate a wish or to add details, do it on the list or write the list again. We change, our wishes change, nothing is for ever the same. And then live your life. Wishes are like goals, but more emotional. Goals are more rational. Make this difference. 
Do never envy the others life. 
We have exactly the life which suits us, our potentials. 
Our wishes are not by chance, there is a deep sense in them. We do not understand them at the moment we get them in our minds, but after a while we understand a lot. 
Good luck!

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