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Sonntag, 17. Juni 2018

our brain

our brain ..... the endless mistery .... a gelatine mass inside an absolutely dark chamber ..... how do we perceive the outside world through an organ which never is outside of us?!
It is pretty amazing and curious that we can live without some organs of us, but not without our brain or/and our heart.
It was proven that we can train our brain as we can train our muscles and body cells.
The eyes are the main gate to the brain. If we lose our sight, we still can live, we "just" have to train our brain in order to adapt it to our new life. Then the main gate to the brain change to the other senses as smelling and hearing and touching.
All our senses depend of each other. We act depending of what we see, hear, touch, smell. I cannot eat before I smell what I am going to eat, for example. And nowadays, when so much plastic was implemented in our food, is essential. But I have this custom since I was a little child. I smell it, the information went to the brain and from there I got the permission to eat or not.
What we touch influences how we see.
Taste is affected by the sense of smell.
Our sight forms how we hear.
All our senses have to be sincronysed and this work is done by our brain. Timing is essential.
If you pay attention to a race start you will see surprinsingly differences. Watch a sprint race and you will understand better.
We react faster to auditive signs than to visual signs. The visual system is much more complexe and we need some longer time to react. 

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