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Samstag, 2. Juni 2018

Sigmunds-Thun-Klamm in Kaprun by night

1st of June - Official Opening of the 


An evening enchanted by colourful light at Sigmund Thun Gorge in Zell am See-Kaprun.

Every Friday from 8th of June to 14th of September 2018, the Sigmund Thun Gorge is lighted in a magical and breathtaking way, shining in a unique way. Hike through the magically lighted gorge and experience a nature-festival enchanted by colourful light and roaring water. The rocks and water inside the gorge seem even more magical in the evening in different colours. The walk is a mystical and amazing experience for all ages.
Facts - what is going on:
  • Hike through the magically lighted Sigmund Thun Gorge
  • Every Friday from 08th of June until 14th of September 2018 
  • Opening times: approx. 2 hours starting at sundown
    June & July:    Start at 9.30 pm
    August:           Start at 8.30 pm
    September:      Start at 7.00 pm
  • Walk over 340m of wooden structures through the illuminated, up to 32m deep gorge
  • Unforgettable experience: the interplay of colourful light, nature and water
  • Magical event for young and old
  • Good shoes are recommended
The event started later as announced, but this is typical in Austria. Not very often the Austrian comes in due time to an appoitment, but if he/she comes in due time and you are one minute late, he/she is not happy and you will feel the cold approach behing the friendly commercial smile ...."Let's be relaxed .... we, not you!" So much confidence ..... I wonder where is coming from ........
After all the official speeches, we could start the walk through the strong rainy night - it was about 21:30.
We were all representatives from different hotels in the area of Zell am See-Kaprun an were invited to see the light show in order to send the tourists here, of course. It is about seeing, understanding, feeling and get the convinction it is worth to recommend it. It is exactly the concept I missed in my 4 years of working in a travel agency years ago, back into my life in Bucharest! I was the "expert" for selling Austrian destinations and never being in that country! And now I live exactly in those places which I used to have to sell ...... life!
There are over 130.000 tourists every summer visiting this spectacular gorge.  

We were expected with plenty of food and drinks, delicious and very simple and well organied, as usual. I knew anybody and anybody spoke to me, just some usual smiles which I never was able to really understood, as I miss the esence of it.
No music, what I like. People have the chance to talk to each other.
The picture above is at the end of the walk and on that bridge I used to run in March and April a lot. 

here how it looks during the day

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