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Freitag, 8. Mai 2020

Universal New & Ancient Notes

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”  Socrates

We are moving in cycles. This could mean, we go anywhere, right?

You are not what you think. Thoughts can be yours, but they are not you.
You are not what you own. Everything you own can be yours, but that is not you.
Your body is something you own too. Your body is not you, it can be yours :-)
We say this very clearly in our language: This is my body. This is my hand. We never think or say that "I am body" or "I am hand".

My mother always said:
"Intelligence is not the same as cleverness. To be intelligent does not need to learn from books. Cleverness is won by going to school, get the education, do your homework. You accumulate knowledge. How you use the accumulated knowledge is a matter of your intelligence."

The only problem of the Universe is the human being.

Humans are able to suffer all the time. They suffer because of something happened many years ago. In the same manner, they are able to suffer because something might happen the next day or next month or next year.

We are all the same. 
Empowering a single nation or race leads to violence, no doubts. 
So, what does this means? Being proud only because you were born in a certain country (so that you belong to that certain nation) is an unconsciously way to disrespect other humans belonging to different nations. History is very clear about the results. The same principle applies if you put religion on the game. 
This thought came into me while listening to some speeches of different presidents of nations along the Corona Virus times March-April 2020.

For LOVE and RESPECT should be at least two persons involved. 

Competition is such a stupidity.

Organized religion is like a sickness for us, is a mad concept.

There is no "the best advice" someone can give to you. You can search for advice or give a piece of advice. You never can get the best advice.

The human being has defined himself as being the most intelligent being on Earth and possible in Univers. How relatively this is, right? If you ask an elephant or an aunt the definition could be that the human being is the most stupid creature living!

So long we don't understand that we are water, air and soil we will continue to destroy us. Are we intelligent? Really?!

There is no such as super-human being, but it is super to be a human being :-)

When you think to the forest and trees as being wood you kill it/them. When you think to the forest and trees as your lungs you will do everything you can to preserve, love, respect, take care and let it/them grow. Right? 

Not the word was at the beginning, but the sound. We gave a name to the sound and this is why we now have words instead of sounds. We understand only the sounds of the language we were taught. If we hear words in a language we do not understand, we name them sounds.

Our heart has its own brain and communicates with our mind more than we ever knew. Our decisions are taken by our heart, not by our brain.

The real problems you get in life are those you never think about it in advance. So, thinking about future problems brings anything actually.
Forgivness is more painful than hate.

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