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Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2020

Mai in and around Zell am See

May 2020 - the time is frozen in ourselves 
but nature explodes at all its levels
the meadows are full of horses, 

cows, goats, sheep all with their newborns - they are kept here before being brought up on the mountains until End of August when the entire community celebrates for the entire day the returning of the animals ... we live because we steal life from them.
deers, rabbits in a very cruel green ...
Barfoot through the gras on the path of something .....
 The first  haystack has been already packed
The weather is very May specific, very unstable  and changeable
I love it. May seems to be my favourite month somehow.

I adore the melancholy of it.
Cemetery for beloved pets in the middle of meadows, a place to stay for a while ...

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