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Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

After Christmas 2014 _01

I cannot run anymore, but soft biking is still working ..... so today, the first snow here :-) and -5°C.
I went outside just because I had to buy food for Mr. Cat.
And .... voila!
Too warm although .... or my fever was too high ...
About 12 km and many pictures ...

 No idea where am I and to where the road is leading .... but my home should be somehow to the right ....
 Softly downhill, narrow path ....

 Absolutely idyllic and peaceful ...

 Stammersdorf - one of the most important and largest winegrowing areas und hier ... and here is the "Heuriger Straße" - in English something like "winery boulevard" - and I suppose that in summer the place is overcrowded as it offers a special flair, good and various wines and food. It looks really, really ..... different!!
 So, these almost impulsively small adventures are fantastic! My head frozen, but at least I had the winter gloves with me.
Wonderful. Now I am back home with my fever :-) It is probably a state of mind :-))
While Vienna has "shopping fever", I am trying to run away my fever going outdoor .... 27th of December is considered to be the day of the largest commercial profit, as most people are going shopping after Christmas, solving their vouchers they got as Christmas gift, changing products and so on.
I bought food for my cat :-)

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