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Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

I wonder if my cat isn't ...... a dog ?! :-)

Not feeling well since a while, but still going outside. This summer-spring in December make me crazy in a way. I am in between of enjoying or hating it. And, somehow, I do not feel well on 21st of December ... (Romanian Revolution 1989).
So, as I am not able to run, I decided for a walk with my cat. Actually he needed a walk more than myself, he enjoys outdoor and has the chance of being out not so often as he would like.
So, I took the bike, a book and hot tea and the cat in backpack and we rode for 10 minutes. I found a nice sunny spot ....
 and I thought I could stay there for a while, reading, but in the same time not getting lost my cat ... so eyes on it!
And he began to walk. Up, down, left, right .... until he probably started to hear voices ... :-) 
Call from the woods .... forest spirits ...
My traveler cat never was in the woods actually. 
And he went away .... slowly .... to the forest ...
So, I had to leave my sunny spot, to forget about reading anything and to run after the cat .... He didn't want to come back at all!
So, I came back to the bike, I took it and I went after the cat, in the forest!!
He already was ahead about 50 m, which is a lot for a cat.
I caught up and passed him, waiting for him ... to see what are his intentions now.
Hm .... he caught and ignored me ... going further!

And the adventure goes on, for about ONE HOUR, through the forest, uphill.
At one moment, he stopped ....
Waiting ....
Waiting together ....
I was just a little bit afraid someone with a dog could come. The dogs here, mostly of them, are brave and play with cats, but nothing can be sure ... if my cat would understand that, I am not so sure ....
So, attention!!!!
And "miau" and "miau" and "miau" again .... The lady was sure the cat suffers, cries ... I tried to explain her, the cat is actually speaking and begging for attention :-) And the lady said: "Isn't attention what we all need?" Yes, of course :-)

My cat ... YES, MY CAT!!!! was gone with the first stranger in the woods!!!! LEAVING ME!!!!!!!!! How incredible can this be?! :-)
So, I left the bike and I run uphill after the cat!! I took him back to the bike, downhill, about 50 m.
Then, he run back, uphill!!
I caught him again, passed over and waiting for him :-)
 He was sitting there .... waiting .... no idea what .... first signs of being tired I suppose.
 I called him .... look how is he coming ... 
Then, steep uphill .... I left the bike and went further to the cat, he was 20 m away in front of me.
 Hearing some voices and a dog somewhere in the forest .... 
We sit here and looking downhill .... from where we were coming .... adventure pure for a cat .... after about one hour and maybe almost one km .... wow! Yes, we should go back, Mister Cat!
 I went for 10-20 meters uphill and the paths became narrower and steeper ... no way to carry the bicycle up hill here!!
 The cat followed me, but he was tired, for sure. Like a child. "Mami, my feet pain, take me on your arms, pleaseeee..."
A dog came very speedy to us through the bushes and trees, as he smelled a cat .... So I packed the cat immediately in the bag!! The dog returned to his people, as I started to shout: "Please call the dog back, I have a cat here!" :-) Yes, cats have the same rights .... actually it is the same principle .... "women have the same rights as men" ... bla-bla-bla .... and we all know it is not so (!!) but use to ignore the real subject, playing games as everything is OK and everybody is happy.

 The fact is that there is a big dog, I risk a lot .... even if the cat is secured in the back ... the dog can attack me. But this time it was OK, sharply crazy (it was a bulldog, a sort of fight dog, pretty big :-( and I do not like bulldogs a lot .... let's say so. They are probably the only type of dogs I am afraid. I do not trust them, this is all. Terrorists are also just "human beings", right?)
Back home, downhill ....
Tired .... so back in the backpack .... and finally back to the sunny spot where I wanted to stay and have my lecture .... but now, one and half hour later, the sun was almost gone and the wind colder ....
 And Mr. Cat didn't want to leave his mobile house anymore :-) Man, they are exactly like small children ... and we all were children .....
So, we finally rode back home, in peace :-)
Long trail running today for such 4 short legs, right?

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