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Dienstag, 7. April 2015

Me on a post-card ... the dream goes on

Short notice: Lanzarote, day 3
70 km - partially on the IM cycling route: Puerto del Carmen - Puerto Calero (off road ink. push the bike) - Uga - Yaiza - El Golfo - Salina de Janubio - lost the direction, back to the right direction to Yaiza and back to Puerto del Carmen again.
Warmer than yesterday.
Longer on the way.
Amazed. A lot of pictures, of course. From 1000, hope to get 200 good enough.
First day I felt I am in, I do what I wanted to do. It is difficult to plan hours, arrival times and so on. The journey brings many unexpected stuff along it ... and I stop a lot. I have to feel it. To breath it. To stay on the spot. The colors are noteworthy indeed. 
Many cyclists, most of them training for the coming Ironman. 

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