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Montag, 6. Juli 2015

Interrelation Adventure: Do I ask Google or do I ask a Friend?!

yes .... this is a big questions of these times, when nobody, almost nobody is in the mood or "have time" to take care about the human interrelation.
I really use to get information from internet, I love Google.
But sometimes I prefer to interact directly with a human being. Sometimes, my question is just a reason to interact, to say my friend how I am and what I am thinking of, to find out about how he is feeling and what he is thinking of. No, this is not at all a waste of time.
I want to start a project or to sell/buy something. OK, very easy to go on internet and find out the market prices or other information I would need.
But I like better to ask a friend or someone I know who is working in the area
A question is often more than a simple question. Talking to each other we reach new ideas or give new ideas. Asking a friend and talking means we come closer and this is good, this is good, man! Talking to each other, people .... use this tool, is vital.
Before you send your friend to search on Google, think twice. Maybe he needs a little bit more, maybe he needs to hear your voice, to read your opinion, maybe he gives you the opportunity to advice him :-), maybe he really need more than he is able to ask in that moment ....
Internet is one of the most amazing stuff made by the human being, but it does not replace the value of direct communication.
We now refuse to talk to each other and in the future we will see that we forgot to talk to each other, we will just do not remember anymore what is talking good for! We will talk to a piece of glass, some of us are already doing now.
We are on the path to forget what the personal touch is and how valuable this is to us. Animals need this too, why would the human being cancel this value? Ignoring now means canceling later.
"Look on Google!" - it often helps, but not always.

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