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Montag, 7. Mai 2018

Mentor for a "Run The Year 2018" runner

Run The Year 2018 miles is a global on-line event or what ever you want to name it.
I subscribed spontaneous somewhere mid of January and got the chance to enter their Facebook Community. The coolest on-line community I ever met so far.
The cool thing is that no question or no affirmation is judged, everybody get attention and motivation, doesn't matter what.
There are amazing stories there and amazing personalities and kindness and heartfullness....
To run 2018 miles or 3.247 km in 12 months is a challenge for most of the global population. 
More about My Journey on this link
A new concept was launched last week:
Yes, I subscribed and yes, I am keen to start it. My designed Mentee is J., a lady from USA, as most members are from USA. 
I love the concept, really. There is always plenty a space for new ideas to make our world better without involving amounts of money.

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