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Dienstag, 8. Mai 2018

Happy Recertification Day !!

Every two years the Ironman Certified Coaches have to get the recertification. It costs 400 USD if you choose not to monthly pay the membership over the year and 100 USD if you paid your membership through the year. I do not understand the logic of the calculations, but OK ....
Ironman Corporation is great in marketing and great to collect money. 
After almost 2 years of an unfunctional system and lots, lots of complains from our side, while the coaches who choose to stay members had to pay about 450 USD per year for their membership, now we pay 10 USD per months, 108 USD per year for the equal membership. A huge amount difference which makes me furious every time when I think back how much money I invested for a membership in a coaching match program which did not worked out - one client in 2 years due to the own IM program.
But I choose to recertify for the sake of passion, because I still find it fascinating to read about coaching and to help other become better.
If you are not already a trainer and quite familiriazed with the specific terms and science, the certification is a huge challenge!

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