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Dienstag, 1. Mai 2018

Weißsee - Uttendorf, Austria

Another Glacier in the area, just about 34 km away from Kitzsteinhorn: Weißsee. The village on the foot of it is named Uttendorf.
The aprox. 17 km from Uttendorf to the Glacier Base can be done by car or by bike. Very strenous and steep, so by bike can be a real painful challenge for at least 10 km uphill.

At this time of the year there are no tourists, the landscape blooms and you discover another paradise corner here.
Getting closer to the start point, where the cable cabins and the hotels are, I've got a sort of crippy and desolated feeling because through the buildings and lack of humans everything seems to be forgotten and isolated and empty and somehow a ruin. I cannot explain ....

 I always get this strong feeling when I go around into isolated empty places through the mountains. It is like the entire energy field suddenly changes. The buildings are a sort of strange unsuitable presence in the middle of something .....

looking back from where I came up here

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