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Dienstag, 29. Mai 2018

Zell am See - Kaprun Summer Card

Well, the most wanted product in the area is the Zell am See - Kaprun Summer Card! 
The card cannot be purchased by anyone, not even by the local inhabitants, unfortunatelly, which is a desastrous discrimination in my opinion. In the own country, the local people have no acces to the most wanted product and as the prices are pretty high, many of them can never access some of the most beautiful places where the entrance is subject to be charged.
The Summer Card offers the opportunitiy to see and feel the most corners of this paradise, "it opens the door to sporting, cultural and natural highlights in Zell am See-Kaprun and the surrounding area."
Who has access to the card?
Only the guests in the local hotels and accommodation providers who are partners with the local services provider. 
The Summer Card is included in the accommodation price and the hotel owner pay to the provider a substantial fee per card and day.
The Card is valid from 15th of May to 15th of October and allows you to enter the dream of your life :-) - methaforical speaking.
Due to the modern technology it is possible to download the Zell am See-Kaprun Summer Card APP on your mobile phone and without any internet connection you have the chance to access all needed information directly on your mobile. It is free of charge, of course!
The Features:
# list of all attractions and bonus partners with description, opening hours, address and GPS coordinates;
# off-line maps of the region and attractions (works without internet);
# calculate how much you saved with the Summer Card;
# possibility to rate attractions
# list of all partner accommodation providers. 

Lucky me and happy me I have the chance to own this card being involved in the system. It costs me some money, but for about 120 Euros I get the chance for the next four full months to discover the entire area.
Some examples:
1. Schmitten Zell am See - Saved costs (ascent & descent to 2.000 m): 28,50 Euros
     "Guests glide up to Schmittenhöhe with five cable cars and other lift facilities, including the Schmittenhöhebahn from Porsche Design Studio.
The panoramic hiking path between the Schmitten summit and Sonnkogel offers a varied mountain experience for the whole family. Many themed display boards, viewing platforms, a marmot cave, a beehive and the magnificent 360° panoramic view make everyones's heart beat faster."
I know a little bit the area as I was running up to the mountain and also biking it about one month ago as it was still snow and I had to turn back. 

2. Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun - Saved costs (ascent & descent): 42,00 Euros
And, if I want to climb the peak to 3.203 m I pay additional 70 Euros (instead of ..... no idea how much is the full non-discounted price).
"Top of Salzburg - Panorama Platform: Salzburg's highet panorama platform situated at 3.029 m in the middle of Austria's highest mountains.
3. The WanderErlebnisbus - hiking bus enables summer guests in  Zell am See-Kaprun to be driven up to 1.540 m, the starting point of many fabulous hikes. In fact, it makes the whole hiking area of the beautiful Maiskogel mountain accessible.
I have run all the way up to the top in April, one of the most fascinating runs I had here so far!
 To be followed ..... I will write a little bit after each trip I do with the Summer Card. The next station is on coming Friday, when are organized the first "Gorgeours Lights - Mystical Night of Water" at Sigmund-Thun Gorge in Kaprun (closed over winter, I was running there several times end of March and then in April) - another 10 Euros saved.
How much is this card actually worth? Hm ..... If you are local and live here, so you stay here all the time and you could use the included services at least once per week, the costs per season could be around at least 500 Euros - it is just a rude calculation, I will know more at the end of the season.
If you stay one week - the costs could be around 300 Euros in case you use every day at least one of the services included. 
A pretty smart concept, getting the best from the area and making nice money for the providers and for the community.  
You can also use the public transportation for only 1 Euro per trip per adult and 50 cents for children instead of about 2,50-3,00 Euro per trip, as the public transportation is not cheap at all.

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