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Freitag, 13. Februar 2015

”What do I need for complete an ironman?” :-)

As an orthodox tightarse, what are the chances of me training for and completing an Ironman? Got a decent road bike, always invest in good running shoes and have a good wetsuit but how much of the other stuff do I really need?

REPLIES I liked :-)
None! Get out and enjoy training with what you have.

Very little! I'm about as mean as they come when it comes to spending money (my wife gave me permission to by a new bike and I refused!!), and I've managed to get round a few times.
Plus, you'll get a massive sense of satisfaction when you beat a few people with all the gear Train smart, race smarter, and you'll do fine.

Nutrition is definitely crucial - you'll need to practice with a brand before race day. But you don't need to be chomping expensive energy bars and chugging gels every time you train.

The only thing you need to get through it is A good training program and a iron will...

You'll DNF unless you buy Di2, an aero helmet & a garmin 920!!!

Just entry fee will be enough to break you!!!!!

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