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Montag, 9. Februar 2015

Crazy winter day in Vienna - February 2015

After a superb Saturday as I also met a venerable man being 101 years old - here the story - and I tried a little bit of movement through the cold forests and frozen hills - my friend was running and as I cannot run I accompanied him by bike for about 10 km -, enjoying a very sunny day actually, Sunday came with crazy piece of winter near Vienna. First sunny, 
starting 2 p.m. a nervous snow fall until 3 p.m., 
then suddenly quiet and .... sunny again!!! Incredible!
 Today, in the morning at 6:45, as I went to work, it was cold, little bit windy, but dry.
I reached my office at 7:30 and after 10 minutes it started the new incredible:
The real snow storm in Vienna was unstoppable until 7 p.m.!!
Crazy wind and a lot of snow dancing in the air!
A really wild and loud day through the wind insanity! Hundred of billions of snow flakes changed the entire city.  It was like a love story between the snow and the trees, as the snow kissed every single tree branches ..... 
Crazy winter day in Vienna, but driving home for the 12 km through the city was a new revelation about the order, high education and efficiency all around!! I feel so relaxed when I have to use the car here, as in Bucharest I felt horrible and always was afraid and terrified about the idea to drive through the city!!
As I arrived home, a man was fighting with the snow trying to make place for two cars. It was dark, cold, windy and he was working alone. So, I gave up my plan to go for a ”bike walk”, I took my snow paddle and helped him for about half an hour.
Updated next day, 10.02.2015:
It rains!!! +3°C, soft wind only.

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  1. frumoase fotografii, Anka. Sa ne mai faci :)

    1. Vreo 3 nu-s făcute de mine, recunosc :-), dar cel puțin pe una e numită sursa (aia cu roata din Praterstern).


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