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Montag, 16. Februar 2015

Ugly parts of Vienna: Copa Cagrana, Donaucity

As I came here, about one year ago, I was fascinated about the ”Danube City” and ”Danube Island”.
Even so I had a strange feeling about a part of the landscape around Copa Cagrana (against the Leuchtturm on the Donau Island, Reichsbrücke).
It was spring, then summer .... As I work 200 m away from this place, I could see it every day.
It is a segment of about 100 m with a questionable flair of mixed nationalities which has nothing to do with the Austrian spirit. And here I mean: order, cleaning, good taste. 
You find there: dirt, grime, a grotesque part of the oriental spirit which should not be allowed here as destroys even the natural area. The place seem to be an infection start point, now and in summer especially.
 Now, in winter, it looks hideous, deplorable and infect .... I wonder if the city authorities know about this status which is a piece of shame for Vienna!! I wonder why they do not change this state ....
Look here! Wooden cage simply rots in the water, including electric cables and iron scaffolding .... is this the Austrian spirit?!? I don't think so ...

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