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Samstag, 23. Mai 2015

Running in slow motion, dancing with the rain drops

Snails are my friends in certain times. Rain, wind and snails ...
A new day. Rainy day. Cloudy day. About 12°C.
Between the Beginning and the End there is always an Intermediate World. That is our Life.
After a new sleepless night I tried to have breakfast. I left the sheets at 10 a.m., I took the bread, butter, tea, croissant on the table on the loggia.
During the intended breakfast I did other VIT (Very Important Things) :-), such as cleaning the big windows of the loggia!! Cleaning the cat toilet. Sorting documents. Yes ... indeed ... everything else seemed to be suddenly more important than my breakfast .... The noon hours were knocking on the door ...  and I hardly tried to avoid thinking at these days I should have to be in Lanzarote preparing myself for an Ironman Race on a phenomenal volcanic island in the Atlantic ....
By Anka Berger - in Langenzersdorf, Vienna - May 2015
Yesterday I had to go for an appointment about 25 km away crossing Vienna from north to south, riding from the north end of the Danube Island to Simmering Place. Cold, windy, rainy day, frozen fingers. I left home 11:30 reaching the appointment point 12:45 and later riding back home on a different route through Vienna. Walking or riding through Vienna is always a piece of delicacy.
Today the same mood outdoor. 
A thick, milky clouds blanket was floating over the landscape around, hills and low mountains. Kahlenberg and Leopoldberg were hidden behind the steam curtain. Cold billion of rain drops were running in a real competition to the warm soil spoiled by a luxuriant spring. 
The colors of the entire nature were so strong and full of life on that milky background!
I decided to go out for a run. The rain was not so strong and a rain in the fresh chilli air is a wonderful thing. It's a better therapy for soul & mind than staying inside, alone.
I took the photo camera, the audio book and I left the room. 
I was not sure what direction I want to go. After 50 meters I started a slowly run and after 20 meters I stopped. I felt tired ... somehow unexpected tired. 
I started to walk and to enjoy taking pictures.
As everywhere in Austria, especially in small places, villages, you enter a fairy-tale world.
The seemingly simple crafts tradition has an important role in the entire national economy, I would dare to appreciate. There are people who are doing the work and there are people who are buying that products. And almost all homes, houses and gardens are particular enjoyable to be watched and admired. After one year I still cannot stop me to take all these pictures .... it is so much love for details in everything .... I adore this.
I slowly walked on the Kellergasse to the left, to the local museum - which, by the way, I should visit!
A very important role in the whole Austrian traditional atmosphere plays the nature, the plants, trees, flowers. "The Green Grass from Home" is very valuable here, a lot of houses are practically nestled in vegetation even if this needs a lot of work. But it is a good work, healthy work, enjoyable work and this is why most of people are hobby gardeners. It is a sort of therapy. Some are running, cycling, swimming, playing football and some are gardening.
It wasn't raining at that time. I decided to go off-road uphill on Bisamberg. Last time I was on that mountain?..... January I think.
Peaceful and silence, few people.
I entered the forest and starting to climb on a very narrow hidden mysterious path that meandered in front of my feet without letting me to have long visibility.
The rain started and being almost covered by vegetation I had the feeling the leaves are drinking all those rain drops.
I was walking paying attention to the rain song, to the path and to the leaves .... so I saw a worm ... yes, a worm with a strong personality ... I stopped to make a photo shooting and I saw how it took a sort of defensive position!! Or it is only my imagination?
It stopped crunching, stood up and curved like a viper and I expected it will jump and attack like a wild cat!! No joke, look to the picture, man!!
I carefully went further on the narrow path uphill thinking that I would avoid to get such of worms on my neck :-)
In the middle of the wet brown and green a marvelous blue caught my attention:

Rain started again ....

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